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Google Micro-Moments Will Change How Your Business Reaches Customers

As a Google Partner, Snaptech Marketing is proud to be able to share Google’s latest research of how digital marketing is evolving in 2015. Presenting: Micro-Moments.

How You Can Leverage Micro-Moments

Take marketing interactions with your target market to the next level. Google searches for results “near me” have increased 34X since 2011 – and have nearly doubled since 2014 alone. Recent studies show that consumers depend heavily on specific moments in their research leading up to purchases. Here are just some of the ways that you can engage with your clients through Micro-Moments:


1- Map Your Customers’ Moments

Choose moments that can introduce your brand to people right when they need it. Mark the starting points where customers enter your sales cycle and
follow their journey through to purchase decision making – gaining invaluable business insight along the way.

2- Understand Their Needs

Identify how you can make it even easier for potential consumers to interact with your product or service. Shave off time on product education and watch your business processes adapt to benefit your client base.

3- Contextualize The Consumer Experience

Different times of day and locations can influence the needs of your customers. Make sure you are always prepared with the relevant information they are looking for right when they need it!

4- Employ a Cross-Screen Strategy

People are always on the move. From desktop to mobile and back again, make sure that you’re connecting with them using seamless campaigns that follow them across all of their devices.

5- Quantify Your Results

Rest assured that advertisers that keep up with the latest advertising technologies are usually the first to maximize their results. Google Partners can use data-driven estimates to show ROI and other metrics to continually optimize and drive your Micro-Moment campaigns.

Digital’s Next Step: Synchronizing with the Decision Process

Smartphones have completely changed how we take care of business in today’s modern world. Google’s latest micro-moments research shows how moments can dictate how we feel and make decisions. Whether we are choosing what to have for dinner or what car to drive for the next 5 years, research for decision making drives our online behaviour.

Micro-Moment Types:

It’s important to note that different decision types are undoubtedly influenced by different kinds of micro-moments based on variables such as size of purchase (a pizza or a new home), frequency of use (daily or seasonally), and urgency (something being purchased today or a year from now). Google’s extensive research has served up 8 different micro-moment types that define how we make decisions in 2015:

Is-It-Worth-It: Deciding on which products are worth the higher price tag

Show-Me-How: Learning how to use new products and services

Time-For-A-New-One: Replacing things immediately before having the opportunity to delay

Ready-For-Change: The journey to discovering your next big life change starts on the go as you learn more about your next step.

Didn’t-Plan-For-This: Missing information on another device? No problem! Your incomplete order follows you across devices.

One-Step-at-a-Time: Big milestones like buying a home involve many smaller phases of research.

New-Day-New-Me: Find a new hairstyle or way to wear your tie online in minutes to change your look

I-Wanna-Talk-To-A-Human: Online research leads to personal connection via phone calls

Hyper-Targeting: Reaching Customers at the Right Moment

The ever changing mobile landscape is constantly offering new opportunities to have meaningful consumer interactions. Potential customers are looking for immediate action from brands that is relevant – and the companies that are able to provide this will come out on top when it comes to purchasing decisions.

Micro-Moments help brands make the right interactions at the right time with the right demographic. It is strategic marketing that will pave the way for business in 2015 and beyond.