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A blindfolded statue of a women holding scales, weighing the pros and cons
Sophie Allen Mar 22/2024

The Pros and Cons of Using AI-Generated Images for Marketing

Should You Use AI-Generated Images for Your Marketing? There’s been a lot of chatter around AI-generated images for the last year or so with the introduction of DALL-E and Midjourney and it’s been a mixed bag of reactions and responses. As an artist, I want to launch it into the sun and never look back, [...]

Kavan Sohal Mar 4/2024

Mobile-First Indexing: What Does It Mean for Your Business?

In an era where smartphones reign supreme, understanding the nuances of mobile-first indexing is not just a fancy buzzword; it's a business necessity especially now that Google has fully rolled out it’s Mobile-first indexing update. Let's dive into what mobile-first indexing means for your business, how it affects your website and how having a mobile [...]

Snaptech giving back to the community through volunteering
Sophie Allen Feb 23/2024

Giving Back to Our Community

Community Involvement At Snaptech, we care about community–from our smaller Snaptech community of our team members and clients to the larger community of Vancouver and the surrounding areas in which we live. As such, part of our company culture involves taking time out of our busy days to give back to our communities through a [...]

A colorful illustration to represent the possibilities of Google's Performance Max
Alistair Hayward Feb 21/2024

Elevating Digital Advertising Strategy with Google’s Performance Max

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses looking to maximize their online presence and effectively connect with their target audience. Google's Performance Max (PMax) has emerged as a game-changing tool for achieving these objectives. Launched in 2021, PMax offers a streamlined approach to online advertising, leveraging Google's [...]

Keyword research for a beginner
Patrick Sauriol Jan 29/2024

Approaching Keyword Strategy for Beginners

Knowing what keywords should exist on your website is critical to having a good SEO strategy. If you’re making it up as you go along, or haven’t thought about keyword planning yet, you should invest some time in either developing a keyword strategy on your own or enlisting the assistance of an SEO specialist. For [...]

Digital Marketing 2024 Prediction
Kavan Sohal Dec 22/2023

2024 Predictions for Digital Marketing

2023 was a whirlwind year for marketers; we had the launch of Chat-GPT at the end of 2022, which started to take off in 2023 with more and more advanced models (including becoming multi-model) and competitors entering the field with varying degrees of success (*cough cough* Google Bard), as well as various Chat-GPT and other [...]

Imagining SEO rankings moving up and down the SERPs in a forest setting
Patrick Sauriol Dec 6/2023

SEO Strategy for a New Website, New Business?

Congratulations – you have just become a business owner. What exactly your business offers to customers isn’t important right now, suffice to say that you also have a brand-new website to go with your new growing business. You remember someone once telling you that it’s important to think about a SEO (search engine optimization) strategy [...]

A man searching with a flashlight
Patrick Sauriol Nov 28/2023

Is Your Pay Per Click Agency Doing Enough?

Suppose that you did your research, asked for several quotes, performed interviews, and finally chose a PPC agency to manage your Google Ads account. Every pay per click agency that provides this service wants to please their client and deliver great results (and I include Snaptech in that catchment.) But what do you do if [...]

three marketers around a laptop looking for stock images
Sophie Allen Nov 24/2023

2023 Marketing Year in Review

As we begin to wind down 2023, it’s fitting that we take a moment to reflect on all of the changes the year has brought us with regard to digital marketing. In the ever-evolving landscape of online strategies, algorithm updates, and new marketing tools, 2023 proved to be a pivotal chapter, marked by both change [...]

A paid ads manager is trying to make sense of the campaign data
Patrick Sauriol Nov 17/2023

Do You Need an Agency to Run Google Ads?

Every business owner has undoubtedly received emails about the benefits of running Google Ads. Whether the sender of the email can actually deliver results is something for another discussion, but the base question is a valid one: should a business run online advertising on Google to find customers? And if so, should that business hire [...]

PPC dollars being spent on online ads
Patrick Sauriol Nov 8/2023

How Much Should You Be Spending on Online Ads?

When a business owner or the marketing manager of a company thinks about running an online advertising campaign, there are probably two questions that everyone thinks of: 1.  What results will I get from my campaign? 2.  How much will it cost me? Depending on your frame of mind, the second question above may be [...]

knights on horseback coming out of computer screens to battle
Patrick Sauriol Nov 1/2023

The Battle of User Experience: Mobile vs Desktop

Where two combatants choose to fight is sometimes as important as the skills and experience possessed by the two warriors. In the online world user experience plays a pivotal role in shaping our online journeys. A better user experience can get more conversions, leads, sales, and turn one-time purchases into repeating customers. Those with a [...]

Patrick Sauriol Oct 13/2023

How to Tell When Your Landing Page Isn’t Working & What To Do

So let’s say that you have some landing pages for your business. You may even be paying to send traffic to these pages (like Google Ads). How do you determine whether your landing page(s) are performing as expected? Do you tell by looking at a factor of things, or an overall assessment of the performance [...]

Interns Working at Markeitng Agency
Snaptech SEO Sep 22/2023

Learning and Working Remotely – An Internship Experience

Transitioning to remote working can be challenging, even for professionals, as it often lacks the opportunity for face-to-face interaction to discuss and resolve issues. Since the pandemic, there has been a major shift in people’s working style, particularly in corporate jobs where nearly everything can be done online. However, it becomes more challenging for individuals [...]

Example of a landing page for a green energy tech company.
Patrick Sauriol Sep 12/2023

Attracting Sustainable Customers: Crafting Effective Landing Pages for Green Energy Companies

Green Energy Landing Pages for your Marketing Strategy In an earlier Snaptech blog post, I addressed what some of the gaps are in the marketing strategy for green energy companies. Snaptech has worked with several established and start-up green tech firms that are seeking to carve out market share online. Our experience in marketing green [...]

Patrick Sauriol Sep 6/2023

Great Landing Pages: The Cornerstone of Effective Website Conversion

How to Develop Better Converting Landing Pages In today’s fast-paced modern digital age, your website serves as the virtual front door to customers. A website, by definition, is a presence online where people can learn more about a subject. Some websites can be a single page, while the majority are composed of many separate pages, [...]

Patrick Sauriol Aug 30/2023

What SEO Strategy is for Local Business

As a digital marketing agency that offers search engine optimization (SEO) services, one of the often-asked questions we hear is, “Can your agency get my business to page one on Google?”. It’s a totally valid question, and one that business owners educated about the importance of SEO for their business should ask. Local SEO is [...]

Internship at a Marketing Agency
Snaptech SEO Aug 24/2023

The Intern Experience – Working Remotely as an Intern

Every year, Snaptech has the privilege of taking on an intern or two from BCIT’s marketing program and teaching them the ins and outs of Media Buying and SEO. This is a great way for new marketers to get exposed to what life is like in a marketing agency and see which aspect of marketing [...]

Patrick Sauriol Aug 11/2023

The Value of Company Culture for Employees & Organizations

What is “Company Culture”? If you are asked, “What is the company culture like where you work?”, what are the first things that come to mind? This is a question that I have been spending time with recently. I’ve been asked to write about Snaptech Marketing’s workplace culture for a new page on this website. [...]

A Barbie doll and a doll of Oppenheimer, an unusual branding combination that works.
Patrick Sauriol Jul 21/2023

How Barbenheimer Can Be a Lesson for Your Brand

Unless you have been living underneath a rock for most of 2023 (and after 2020-2022, I wouldn’t blame you), this live-action Barbie movie has become a big pop culture thing. Another big thing happening is the release of Oppenheimer, the new Christopher Nolan biography about the father of the atom bomb. What you may not [...]

Windmill Generating Power - Marketing to Green Energy Startups
Patrick Sauriol Jun 5/2023

What’s Missing From Most Green Energy Start-ups Marketing Plans

One of today’s fastest growing new businesses is a green energy start-up. Market research shows that the green energy/renewable energy industry was valued at $881 billion dollars in 2020, and is expected to grow to $1,977 billion by 2030. Whether you want to call this niche clean tech, green tech, or renewable energy tech, the [...]

Looking into a Crystal Ball into the Year 2040 for Marketing Trends
Patrick Sauriol May 26/2023

The Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2040

If you had a crystal ball back in the year 2006 and asked it to show what the world would be like today in 2023, what advancements would hit you the hardest? Seventeen years ago there weren’t any smartphones, so seeing nearly everyone using a mobile computer that has real-time video call signal sending, high [...]

Artificial Intelligence in Google Technology - cropped
Patrick Sauriol May 12/2023

Google Reveals AI-Generated Answers to Search Engine Results

This week Google held its I/O 2023 developer event, a reveal of what the information giant has been working on. New tech, like a folding Pixel smartphone, was revealed along with the biggest news in the search engine community, the announcement of AI-guided answers for prompts entered into its search engine. Google calls this new [...]

Patrick Sauriol May 1/2023

Snaptech Marketing Announced as a 2023 Local Excellence Award Winner by UpCity

Some awesome news to kick off the month of May: our team is delighted to announce that the Snaptech Marketing team has been recognized as one of the top B2B service providers of 2023 in Vancouver by UpCity! For more than a decade, UpCity’s mission has been—and continues to be—to help businesses find B2B service [...]

Patrick Sauriol Apr 24/2023

What Does One Look for with the Best SEO Company in the World?

Businesses looking for SEO help will likely use a search engine like Google as a starting point for their search. It may be that you yourself arrived at this blog post from a search for SEO keywords like "best SEO company". What matters is that a company looking for Search Engine Optimization help wants their [...]

elementor wordpress developer logo
Patrick Sauriol Apr 17/2023

Elementor Developer: Rules of Web Design are Being Rewritten with Elementor Page Builder

In the dynamic world of web design, Elementor has emerged as a powerful and popular tool for creating stunning websites. Agencies like Snaptech are starting to see more and more interest from web dev clients seeking skilled Elementor Developers. So, why the interest in using Elementor to build new websites? What makes the Elementor Developer [...]

Patrick Sauriol Apr 5/2023

What Advantages Do You Get With a Marketing Retainer?

In today's digital age, businesses must have a strong online presence to compete effectively in their respective markets. Digital marketing is an essential part of any business's marketing strategy, and many businesses turn to digital marketing agencies to help them achieve their marketing goals. That said, if you have ever investigated retaining the services of [...]

Patrick Sauriol Mar 22/2023

Six Signs That Your Company’s Website is Failing – Plus the Solutions

The web marketer charged with looking after the company website has the unenviable task of making sense of the data. For most marketers that means logging into Google Analytics and looking at the streams of information: how many users visited the website on a given day, what the sources of traffic are, what are the [...]

Patrick Sauriol Mar 3/2023

7 Future Trends in AI Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is giving marketing directors something new to think about. In the past six months AI tools like image generation software (DALL-E, Midjourney) and content generation software (ChatGPT) have captured the attention of not just digital marketers but the general audience. The impact that AI can potentially have on business in the 2020s [...]

storm clouds over a sea being compared to an incoming economic recession
Patrick Sauriol Feb 16/2023

Digital Marketing Initiatives During a Recession

For months there’s been talk of a forthcoming recession, almost like how people look up to a cloudy sky and say to themselves, “A storm is coming.” Whether or not a recession is in the cards, the speculation and worry can be an intimidating time for a business owner wondering whether they should invest and [...]

Logo for Google Analytics 4
Patrick Sauriol Feb 10/2023

Why You Need Help Moving to Google Analytics 4

Oh yeah, that thing. Beginning July 1, 2023, Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics and replacing it with Google Analytics 4. Google is promising a better, bigger suite of analytical data for webmasters including machine learning to better forecast emerging trends on your site(s); deeper insight into ad campaigns; an easier time setting up goals; and [...]

Katie Shore Feb 12/2021

How the Launch Online Grant Can Grow Your BC Business

Small businesses, like yours, are vital for our communities. COVID-19 has made it more difficult to continue connecting with your customers and making positive impacts in your neighbourhoods. All of your current and potential customers are staying home and shopping online. How do you make sure that your retail business remains accessible? The BC government [...]

Katie Shore Dec 6/2019

How to Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency

So, you’re looking for a new digital marketing agency – congratulations! Whether you’re a small business owner looking to bring in new leads, or a marketing coordinator outsourcing digital expertise, working with a digital agency means that you have a team of experts responsible for your online marketing. There are a lot of digital marketing [...]

Katie Shore Oct 29/2019

The best review sites for Local SEO

Why are online reviews so important? More customers than ever aren’t even leaving the search results page when they make a Google search. They’re finding all the information about your business that they need right within the search engine results page; one of the key pieces of information is the star rating that you’ve received [...]

Amalia Fowler Oct 21/2019

The Facts About Google’s BERT Algorithm Update

Google makes updates to its algorithm all the time. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to have individuals well versed in organic optimization on your team or within your agency; if the algorithm makes changes to your site, a skilled SEO can help you bounce back. On rarer occasions, Google [...]

Jeremy Mayer Oct 17/2019

Determining the Success of Your E-commerce Advertising

Digital marketing has allowed businesses and marketers to gauge the success of advertising campaigns far more than in the days of exclusively traditional media. We are now provided with large volumes of data about the number of visitors to a website, how they interact with the website and how many conversions came from those visits. [...]

Amalia Fowler Oct 3/2019

5 Stick-In-Your-Brain Takeaways from Unbounce’s 2019 CTA Conf.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Unbounce’s 2019 Call-to-Action conference in Vancouver, BC. Unbounce consistently creates a wonderful learning experience for 1000+ marketers who attend. Their attention to detail and the diverse approaches of the speakers always make for a great holistic marketing event… not to mention the food trucks and live band [...]

Katie Shore Sep 26/2019

The Importance of Google My Business in Local SEO

What does Google My Business do? A Google My Business profile is the listing that appears for local search queries. A local search query generally contains the words “near me” or a specific location. For example, if you were a cupcake shop in Toronto, your profile has a chance of appearing within searches for “cupcakes [...]

Jeremy Mayer Sep 19/2019

The Two Ways to Write a Blog for Your Business

Blogs have been written about almost any topic you can think of and can be a very valuable tool for businesses. I frequently find blog pages on websites that seem like they were written because the business feels the need to keep up with their competitors or stay current with digital trends. As a result, [...]

Amalia Fowler Sep 12/2019

Digital Marketing: An Introduction for Small Businesses

You’re a small business, and you know you need to be online. The problem is if you Google “how to start online marketing” or “where do I start with a digital marketing strategy”, you get hundreds of articles and pieces of advice without one clear answer. Today, we’re aiming to break down the basic pillars [...]

Katie Shore Sep 5/2019

What is Local SEO and why does it matter?

If you’re going to do just one thing to promote your business, it’s should be Local SEO. We’re aware that this is marketing speak; that’s why we want to let you know what Local SEO is and why it matters to your company. What is Local SEO? Let’s start with SEO; lots of people have [...]

Snaptech Marketing Aug 29/2019

Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing Tactics in Your Marketing Strategy

Traditional marketing refers to offline marketing channels, such as outdoor advertisements and radio ads. Digital marketing is any and all marketing that takes place online. Without an online presence today, it is hard to compete and grow your business, which is why more companies than ever are integrating digital tactics into their promotions. Online marketing [...]

Katie Shore Aug 22/2019

Google’s Algorithm Explained: What does it mean for SEO?

When you create a website for your business, you want it to be easy for everyone to find you online. More than ever, users are taking to Google to research products, services and businesses. If you have your website up and running, it should be easy for your customers to find you on Google, right? [...]

Amalia Fowler Aug 15/2019

When You Update Your Site, Update Your Marketing Partner

It is a scenario that I encounter all too often. I’m working on a client’s account – optimizing campaigns, checking links and lead data – and something seems off. Maybe the number of form leads has dropped off dramatically in the past few days. Sometimes ads that were previously performing really well are being disapproved [...]

Jeremy Mayer Aug 1/2019

5 Reasons Why Your Website Design Should Prioritize Functionality

In the early 2000s, company websites were like digital brochures, showing off the fact that your business was advanced enough to have a web presence. Functionality was often pushed aside in favour of flashy animations, “eye-popping” designs and a catchy jingle when the user arrived on the website. At the time, the internet was a [...]

Katie Shore Jul 25/2019

The Benefits of Online Reputation Management for Small Businesses

It’s no secret that small, local businesses don’t have the same advertising capabilities as large-scale corporations. However, there are actions that every small business should take within their marketing strategy to maintain their reputation online. This is commonly known as reputation management. As a small business, it is especially important that customers searching for your brand [...]

Katie Shore Jul 11/2019

How To Use UTM Tags To Track Digital Marketing Campaigns

So you’ve gone through all the steps of creating an excellent digital marketing campaign. You know who your audience is and why they’re the ones who will help you reach your business’ goals. Your team has created beautiful ads with creative, insightful copy. The platforms you’re using are perfect for reaching your ideal customer. The [...]

Snaptech Marketing Jul 8/2019

The Crucial Role that SEO Plays in Website Migrations

Migrating a website can be a daunting task that can have a serious impact on your business if done incorrectly. One of the main causes of unsuccessful website migrations is the lack of understanding and involvement of SEO within the process. Because of this, many businesses experience a large drop in organic visibility and traffic [...]

Jeremy Mayer Jun 27/2019

What is holistic marketing and why should you invest in it?

Holistic medicine practitioners believe that a person is made up of interdependent parts; if one part is not working properly, all other parts of the body will be affected. Holistic marketing approaches are similar. If one part of your marketing strategy isn’t working, all parts of the strategy must be taken into consideration to fix [...]

Katie Shore Jun 20/2019

Getting Value From Your Monthly Reports

So, you’ve received your monthly marketing report: now what? This is the question on every marketing manager’s mind at the beginning of each month. What does the report mean and where to go next? There are so many different ways to report on success, and a successful report is the best one to receive. However, [...]

Katie Shore Jun 11/2019

5 Tips For Getting Quality Leads Online For Your Service-Based Business

Running your own service-based business is never easy… Seasonal fluctuations and an unpredictable economy can lead to ebbs and flows of work. It can be hard to focus on running your business when you’re worried about staying afloat. After all, bills still need to be paid and you need to make payroll. Things would feel [...]

Amalia Fowler Jun 7/2019

3 Costly Mistakes Businesses Make On Google Ads

Google is the world’s primary search engine with approximately 3.5 billion searches conducted every single day. Some of those searches are for your business, and Google Ads gives you the opportunity to be there when a user is looking for what it is you do. As a result, Google Ads can be an extremely valuable [...]

Katie Shore May 30/2019

WordPress vs. Squarespace – What Your Business Needs to Know

If you are planning to build a new website, it can be overwhelming to navigate all of the options available. “Template” website builders, like Squarespace and Wix, offer easy-to-build sites that can be created without expert assistance – but at what cost to the site’s quality? Websites that involve more technical effort, like those built [...]

Snaptech Marketing Nov 20/2018

How to Make Your Website More Accessible

When it comes to web design, certain terms have been trending in common years. Whether it be making your website “responsive”, “mobile-friendly”, or “accelerated” when loading, there are many factors that impact both your website’s performance and organic rankings. One term; however, deserves a conversation of its own: accessibility.   Most web design best practices [...]

Snaptech Marketing Oct 29/2018

New Canadian Data Breach Law – And Why It Matters to You

Starting November 1st, 2018 the Federal Government is implementing a law that will require companies to disclose any data breaches to their stakeholders. Businesses that do not abide by the new law could be facing fines of up to $100,000 per violation. But, does this apply to your business? And, if so, what do you [...]

Snaptech Marketing Aug 31/2018

Google Announces Snaptech Among 2018’s Most Innovative Marketing Campaigns

This week Google released their list of finalist for their annual Premier Partner Awards, and we couldn’t be more excited to share that Snaptech Marketing is up for awards in not 1 . . . not 2 . . . but 3 categories! The road to becoming a “Premier Partner” with Google is not an easy [...]

Snaptech Marketing Jul 4/2018

Today’s Digital Marketing: Looking Past Paid Media

For decades business owners have associated marketing with advertising. Some of the most popular (and successful) tactics to market your business have been through TV ads, radio ads, and print ads. With the digital shift, most business owners instantly thought about how they can improve their ad spend with search ads, display ads, and social [...]

Snaptech Marketing Jul 3/2018

HTTPS & Site Security: The Alert Your Customers Will See

Imagine that as you enter a building there is a greeter there telling you: “We have no security.” Without the proper protocol, this will happen to your website. Over the past year, Google has been ramping up its crusade to ensure that the websites it sends users to are safe and secure. Last December, our SEO [...]

Snaptech Marketing May 28/2018

Snaptech Featured On CBC: Preparing for the GDPR

GDPR laws came into full effect on Friday, May 25th. Watch Darcy McGilvery, our Director of Marketing Services, on CBC as he discusses how this will affect Canadian businesses. Critical Takeaways What is the GDPR? The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU law which outlines how businesses must act when exporting the personal [...]

Snaptech Marketing Mar 9/2018

7 Secret Ways You Can Use Data to Enhance Your Business

1: Path to Purchase Reports Chances are that most people who end up becoming one of your customers have to visit your website more than once before opening their wallet. This means that it’s not just important to see which traffic sources drive sales and leads, but also which traffic sources influence the purchase-making decision [...]

Snaptech Marketing Aug 26/2016

How to Create a Buyer Persona Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics as your Guide You can find a lot of information about your brand’s online audience from your website’s analytics. In fact, using Google Analytics can show you more than just the basics about your audience. It tells you relevant information about your buyer’s age and gender, who is the majority of your traffic [...]

Snaptech Marketing Jun 26/2016

Snaptech awarded Premier Partner status

On June 29th 2016, Snaptech was informed of our inclusion to the Premier Partner program. The Premier Partner program recognizes partners who, not only produce the best results but who also manage a substantial portfolio value and whose employees hold additional Google AdWords qualifications. Snaptech’s place in the Premier Partner program affords us a higher [...]

Snaptech Marketing Oct 8/2014

Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

If any of these three exceptions apply to your business, then you should be fine. However, if generating leads or sales is a main function of your website and losing that business would be a serious setback, launching a responsive website before the end of the year should be your #1 online marketing goal. What [...]

Snaptech Marketing Sep 30/2013

8 SEO Best Practices For Website Architecture

As SEO continues to shift from a “post-hoc bag of tricks” to a holistic set of internet best practices, the doorway to success increasingly relies on getting it right from the get-go. One of the earliest steps in the web development process, website architecture is a pivotal process that can make-or-break your site’s SEO success. [...]