The Right Social Media Platforms for Your Brand

The key to a great organic social media presence is being intentional. You don’t need to be posting every single day, on every single platform. What you need is to be where your customers are, giving them content that they want to interact with. Good social media is about starting a conversation and developing a relationship with your customers while also knowing your audience and who to target with social media ads. Our team talks to your team to determine the best social media branding strategy to ensure we keep your branding and messaging on point.

At Snaptech, we haven’t met a social media platform that we didn’t like. However, we’ve got experience and wisdom in abundance with the following platforms.

Twitter (X)

Looking to establish yourself as a thought leader and show off your brand’s personality in 280 characters or less? Let’s get you set up with Twitter campaign that proves that short posts can certainly be sweet.


LinkedIn is a surefire way to network with professionals and potential employees. Being business-minded doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun; let’s create a posting strategy that establishes you as a brand that is as refreshing as it is professional while also attracting the right audience through LinkedIn Ads.


Facebook might be the place where that girl from high school posts about her exciting pyramid scheme and your mom shares sixty inspirational quotes a day, but it’s also where your customers are. Make it easy for them to connect with your company culture with an innovative Facebook ad campaign.


Do it for the ‘gram - and by “it”, we mean create visually appealing content that your audience will love. A combination of engaging stories and bold posts means that a well-curated Instagram campaign provides endless opportunities through organic Instagram posts and Instagram ads that capture your ideal audience.

Looking to try something new with your social media channels? If your audience is there, we want to create a compelling social media strategy for them. We want to get you more likes, comments, shares, contest entries, you name it. Our social media planning is all-encompassing and designed to build on the strengths of your brand and ensure we are also targeting the right audience at the right time. Our social media marketing agency in Vancouver and Burnaby ensures our team is always on top of all the latest platforms and trends. Let us help!

Create Enviable Social Campaigns

Snaptech wants you to have the social media campaigns of your dreams – campaigns that bring awareness to the best things about your brand and help you connect with your ideal customers.
Let’s connect today to discuss the opportunities that await your company’s social media campaigns.

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