A Successful Launch Plan Takes Strategy and Time

You don’t shoot for the moon without having a plan.

Snaptech takes the time to understand the details of your business. Your goals. Your competition. Your unique selling propositions. The things that win over your customers and the challenges you want to fix.

In a short time, we’re ready to roll out a digital marketing strategy to get results.

Let Snaptech help your business aim for the stars.

Our Approach to Digital Strategy

We use a continual three-step process that consists of the following:

Research and Strategy

We begin by learning all about you and your business. Tell us about your goals, your customers, your strengths and your opportunities. We’ll dive deep into what you need to start succeeding. Our priority isn’t to sell you on one specific tactic; it’s to find tactics that will bring you the success that you deserve.

After our initial meeting, we’ll go into research mode, looking into all of the things that you’ve told us and finding the tactics and strategy that works for you. Using a collaborative approach, we’ll set you up with a marketing strategy that makes sense for you.

Implementation and Execution

After agreeing on a strategy, we’ll implement the changes onto the site; if there are off-site campaigns (such as paid ads or social posts), those too will be launched and watched closely. We don’t believe in a “set it and forget it” mentality. Your marketing campaigns will be consistently adjusted for best performance.

From moving campaign budgets to the highest-performing ads, to monitoring user behaviour on landing pages and making changes that lead to more conversions, our strategies will always put you and your needs first.

Data-Informed Analysis

Our work doesn’t stop at implementation. Every month, we will take time to analyze your performance from a holistic perspective. What is working? What isn’t? What needs to be updated? We’ll send you a report on all of the important observations within your account and how they’ll inform our next steps. Then, the process begins again – we use the data that we gathered to inform our strategical decisions.

This methodology means that your campaigns will always be aligned with your latest goals, user behaviour, and the overall landscape.

Our team wants to see you succeed because we attach our success with yours.

Our Typical Process