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Nobody searches for pizza when they are looking for a donut. Understanding user intent, and how to make it work for your business, makes SEO a powerful tool in your marketing mix. Whether you are a locally based business with a specific service area with a focus on Local SEO services, an e-commerce retailer with a wide variety of products, or you’re managing multiple websites for different aspects of your brand, our Organic Search Agency in Vancouver & Burnaby is the marketing partner that keeps your business objectives top of mind.

Our highly-skilled SEO team in Burnaby and Vancouver ensures your business grows the way you need it to. Our team performs a comprehensive review of your website to determine what SEO optimizations they need to make including SEO content development, SEO keyword research, website migrations, and fixing technical SEO issues. Some of our services include:

SEO Audit

Receive a comprehensive analysis of your current SEO status, including detailed recommendations and opportunities, to make sure you’re well-prepared for your customers within search engines. Our team will review your website from a technical and content perspective to determine where the SEO gaps are and ensure you are targeting the right keywords for your business.

Ongoing SEO Services

The digital landscape changes quickly and your SEO optimizations need to keep up. Our ongoing SEO services prioritize your organic search visibility and the health of your website over a long period of time. Our on-going Vancouver SEO services include keyword research, content optimizations, linkbuilding services, and local SEO optimizations including local listing management services.

SEO Consultations

Need assistance on your existing internal SEO efforts? Our team provides data analysis, industry experience, and technical support via meetings, recommendations and reports. Our Burnaby and Vancouver SEO consultants will hop on a call to go over SEO recommendations including strategy, technical issues, walk through processes and answer any questions that may arise.

Website Migration Assistance

If website migrations are not handled carefully, you can lose your visibility within search engines which can lead to devastating affects on Organic traffic performance. Let us help you maintain and improve your existing SEO value as you transition from one site to another.

The ultimate reason? We get results

The proof is in the pudding (if pudding was flavoured like case studies). Take a look at how we have driven organic search results for other brands.
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