Where they were

Hi-Cube is a leader in the storage industry, having installed more than 600 commercial systems in their tenure. Having been an industry leader since their inception in 1980, the brand was looking to pioneer the online movement for the industry.

As one of the leading distributors of storage systems in BC and Alberta, Hi-Cube knew that being the first to crack the digital market would set their business up for long-term success. After working on their online presence for a couple years, they found that results were declining over time instead of improving. Looking for a change in strategy, Hi-Cube came to Snaptech for a digital audit.

Where they are

Hi-Cube remains an industry leader, but now they have their competitors struggling to keep up online as well. After optimizing their website for lead generation, we helped Hi-Cube turn their digital marketing presence into a customer acquisition machine.

Every month, Hi-Cube’s phone rings with sales qualified leads, translating into thousands of dollars in revenue. With the proper tracking in place, Hi-Cube is able to identify exactly which of their marketing sources impact their bottom line. Through this, the business has been able to see substantial growth and a sustained competitive advantage.

As of February 2023 the Hi-Cube website ranks #1 for several keyword searches including mezzanine racking, police storage lockers, and high security lockers.


#1 On Google for "Mezzanine Racking"
7.15% Click-to-Lead Rate from Ads
105 Targeted Keywords Organically Appearing on the 1st Page

What was needed

When Hi-Cube first came to us, we immediately identified some simple website adjustments that would have a massive impact on their digital return-on-investment. By giving facelifts to key landing pages, the website was able to see dramatic improvements in user experience. As a result, the website began to generate more leads without the need for substantial marketing outlay.

Once the website was running at full speed, our team identified numerous opportunities for Hi-Cube. First off, our team implemented an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy to increase Hi-Cube’s organic rankings. Additionally, we helped design powerful campaigns on both Google and Facebook, which led to a substantial lift in the number of leads generated from the website. To ensure both of our teams could understand the quality of the new influx in leads, we set Hi-Cube up with advanced call tracking software to better review their ROI. The result? An overall lift in digital performance that has left their competitors far behind.

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