By: Katie Shore Dec 6/2019

So, you’re looking for a new digital marketing agency – congratulations! Whether you’re a small business owner looking to bring in new leads, or a marketing coordinator outsourcing digital expertise, working with a digital agency means that you have a team of experts responsible for your online marketing.

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there; as internet marketing grows, there are countless new companies that claim to deliver the best in digital. Don’t get distracted by promises of wild success for a negligible price. Your business deserves a marketing agency that works for you. So what do you need to consider when you’re looking for a digital marketing agency? Here are some of the essentials you should be searching for.


You find an agency with a cool website and they’re making big promises. However, you look through their website and you can’t figure out who they’ve done work with before. You want to work with an agency that has solid proof of the high quality of their work.

Here are some signals that the agency you’re considering is credible:

  • Case Studies. An agency is always proud of the work that they’ve accomplished for their clients and they want to show it off! You should look for case studies that have tangible proof of what they’ve accomplished for their most important clients. You can see the successes that other businesses have had working with them, indicating what your company could accomplish with them.
  • Positive Reviews. Happy clients want to spread the word about their good experiences; this is the time to look for positive reviews of the agency and see why their clients like them so much. Google Reviews give a good idea of what it’s like to work with this agency. If an agency doesn’t have any reviews, this could indicate a lack of experience or positive outcomes.
  • Accreditations and Awards. If an agency has received recognition from a major player within their industry, this means that their work is high quality and trusted by major organizations. For example, Snaptech is a Google Premier Partner, meaning that our agency is recognized for having expertise within the Google suite of tools, which are essential to digital marketing.

Relevant Experience

You’ve determined that the agency that you’re interested in is a credible agency. This is exciting. However, there are still a few things to consider to determine if they’re the right match for you.

Think about your business and what you’re looking to accomplish with this campaign. You might look at an agency’s case studies and see that they’ve had major success with social media campaigns. While this is impressive, you may know that your target audience isn’t on social media at all! This may be a skilled agency, but they might not be able to bring your audience what you need.

You should also consider your specific industry. While many digital marketing agencies work within a variety of verticals, you might feel more comfortable working with an agency with experience in your specific niche. Some specific industries, such as education and e-commerce, have needs and nuances that require previous expertise. Again, the agency’s website will indicate whether they have relevant experience in your specific industry.


Now is the time to go into the “About” page on the agency’s website and see how they work with their clients. When you’re considering a new digital marketing agency, you need to make sure that they’re honest with you about how your campaigns are doing. It is easy for an agency to tell you all of the amazing things happening on your account, but they could just as easily leave out the negative things. We believe that you, as a paying client, have the right to know exactly how your digital marketing campaigns are performing.

One thing that an honest agency should provide to you is consistent reporting. At Snaptech, we provide each of our clients with comprehensive monthly reports that give an overview of the successes and opportunities within our clients’ digital marketing efforts. We also detail exactly what was done on the account for the month, our rationale for these strategic moves, and the work we will do in the following month. This provides our clients with full transparency into how we are helping them to succeed.

You should also have access to all accounts and marketing assets. Your Google Analytics shouldn’t be inaccessible to you and your social media profiles shouldn’t be off-limits. If you’re working with an honest agency, there should be no mysteries. After all, this is your business; you deserve to have accurate insights into all the work that your agency does.

Brings Your Business Forward

The most important thing to look for in a digital marketing agency is how they interact with you and your business. Sometimes, agencies will promise you the moon; what you really want is a team that is familiar with your business and your goals. They aren’t going to promise you everything. In fact, they’ll tell you when things can’t be done, and why that’s the case. They’re going to use their valuable expertise to reach your business goals and help with your overall growth.

You deserve an agency that cares about what works for you as opposed to just trying to move themselves forward. You shouldn’t be integrating tactics because they’re the ones that your strategists like to use. Your agency should recommend tactics that work to achieve your goals and speak to your target audience. And if they aren’t working? Your digital agency should be agile and able to adjust strategy to find that sweet spot where their skills align with your customers to bring your business forward.


At Snaptech, we pride ourselves on our four H’s. Staying humble and realizing that we can always do better for our clients. Remaining Hungry to learn more. Being Honest with our clients and providing a transparent experience. Providing a high-quality of work to keep our customers and clients Happy. (This is why we’re listed as one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in Vancouver on DesignRush.) Explore our website while considering the above, and if you think Snaptech is the agency for you, contact us today. We can’t wait to bring your business forward!