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Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation: The Solution Your Business Really Needs



Chances are that as a business owner, you have heard marketers throw around terms like “email marketing” and “marketing automation”. From the naked eye, they may seem like the same service: You have a list of prospects or current customers and you send those lists emails. But, when you take a deeper look at the difference between these two solutions, you will likely find numerous advantages to marketing automation that you didn’t know existed.


1. What the “Automation” Really Stands For

With email marketing, your team designs an email and then chooses a list to send it to. Everything that occurs before, during and after this process is manually created.

But, what happens after the customer opens an email, clicks, contacts you and/or makes a purchase? Should they receive another email? Should your salespeople call them? Should they remain in the same list afterward?

Marketing automation allows you to set up workflows for what can and will occur when your prospect receives an email and/or takes an action. This includes the following applications and more:

  • Instantly send the user another email based on their interaction with the original email and/or your website.
  • Automatically move the customer out of one list and into another based on interactions with your web assets or staff.
  • Update their lead status based on their interactions to signal to your sales team to reach out.


2. Attributing Results Directly

In a perfect world, every single person you contact would be segmented and you could view every piece of marketing you sent to them and every action they have taken towards becoming a customer.

Email marketing focuses on the result of an email: How much revenue was generated? What was the open rate? How many people unsubscribed? While this is all useful information about the quality of the email and if it resonated with your customer list, it doesn’t tell you anything about your individual leads.

Marketing automation allows you to connect results back to the user. By tracking their interactions with your website, emails, and other integrated platforms you can see their history with your business. Looking into this data can help you understand the number of times you need to reach someone before they start to engage and look for gaps in your strategy at a deeper level.


3. Holistic Lead Scoring

Are you focused on lead generation?

If you are working with massive contact lists that you harvested or bought, it is unlikely that your sales team will have a chance to contact everyone. With email marketing, you can only see the results from an individual email. But, if you have hundreds of people opening and clicking on an email, how can you decide who to call first?

Using marketing automation, you can link your email system with your CRM and develop holistic lead scoring. For every action a user takes, whether it be in an email or on your website, you can attribute a score for that action. As consumers engage with your business over time, their score increases and move up the list for your sales team to contact. If they go for a period of time without interacting with you, you can set their lead score to decrease at the pace appropriate for your business.


4. Dynamic & Static Landing Page Generation

Let’s face it, your business does not have enough time to develop a new landing page for every email campaign that you run. But, wouldn’t it be nice if you could quickly copy and develop new landing pages for different emails? And, wouldn’t it be even better if the landing pages would dynamically generate?

With marketing automation, your business gains access to a slew of website integrations such as landing page generators. Depending on the system you decide to proceed with, the ability to have this content dynamically change in response to the lead that views it. This creates a seamless website experience, with landing pages that are specifically optimized for the campaign and user.


Brass Tacks

When you get down to it, both email marketing and marketing automation have a place. If your business’s digital marketing is relatively straightforward, doesn’t use emails for prospecting, and isn’t in a heavily competitive space, then the cost advantages of email marketing may outweigh the features of marketing automation. If you find yourself needing improved tracking, additional integrations, a leg up on your competitors or a streamlined process, marketing automation can make a world of difference.

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