Where they were

In 2016, 2UNDR was unsure about their business’s future. Similar competing underwear brands were experiencing unparalleled growth, while their revenue levels had plateaued for months. After working with numerous digital advertising and web development agencies without success, 2UNDR was extremely concerned in regards to the future of their business and was having difficulty finding an agency that they could trust.

With many moving pieces and an uncertain trajectory, 2UNDR was in the market for a new digital partner. They required marketing experts who could be transparent, move quickly, and achieve the revenue and sales growth they needed to reach their targets.

Where they are

2UNDR’s business is thriving, and continually shatters their year-over-year targets. Sales have grown, average order value has increased, conversion rates have skyrocketed and revenue is at an all-time high.

With the help of Snaptech, 2UNDR was able to identify gaps in their business strategy and put together an ongoing plan to beat their competitors. In working with our team, we were able to keep the bigger picture in mind, and see how the puzzle piece of digital marketing fits into their business as a whole. As a result, the 2UNDR team is confident that their company will continue to grow, allowing them to turn their heads to bigger and better plans for the future.

65.69% Revenue Increase
54.14% Increase in Transactions
15.97% Increase in Average Order Value

What was needed

Our team identified massive marketing opportunities for 2UNDR. But, before we took a look at how to market their brand, we took steps to improve their website experience. By digging into their web analytics, we were able to identify that 2UNDR was experiencing a significant amount of traffic adding products to their cart without ever checking out. Using this data, we improved the flow of the checkout cart and designed marketing campaigns that re-engaged customers to come back to the website after visiting previously. The result of the changes alone was a 49.5% increase in purchases and a 48% increase in revenue.

With the website optimized and retargeting campaigns in place, we began putting together additional strategies for 2UNDR. Utilizing SEO, Facebook ads, Google ads, Bing ads, and Instagram ads we were able to develop holistic marketing campaigns for seasonal offers, special releases and year-round products. Within the advertising spaces we utilized, 2UNDR saw a 165% lift in transactions from digital advertising and improved their conversion rates by 81%.

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