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The UBC Master of Data Science is a professional program developed through the combined expertise of the departments of Computer Science and Statistics. The program is marketed to potential data scientists and gives students a fast-track to enter a field with a growing demand for skilled labor.

The program needed to formulate a digital marketing plan that would achieve two very different goals of increasing brand awareness and driving program applications. Needing to ensure the success of the campaigns, the program director reached out to Snaptech to help design a digital strategy that would ensure campaign success.

Where they are

Using a phased approach to digital marketing, UBC’s Master of Data Science has effectively been able to raise awareness, foster engagement and drive applications through their online campaigns. UBC trusts Snaptech to analyze campaign data on an ongoing basis to improve the performance with each new marketed intake year after year.

100% Of Campaign Targets Achieved

What was needed

After speaking with UBC and digging into the program content, we knew that there was a very specific audience that would be attracted to the Master of Data Science program. Using Facebook advertising, we created specific audiences of people who had intended to apply for a data-focused Masters, who showed an interest in both sciences and higher education, and people who had engaged with the UBC Master of Data Science in some way before. In alignment with the intake cycle, we used different platforms to generate awareness in the time before applications open, to drive engagement upon the ability to apply and to push program applications as the deadline approached. With this phased approach, UBC is able to reach potential students at the most suitable time and gather valuable data about the online interests and behavior of their target student.

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