Where they were

A lot has changed for Harbour Air since they first began flying in 1982. From the company’s origins from two aircraft to what is now the world’s largest fleet of seaplanes that fly over 500,000 passengers a year, Harbour Air has achieved many accomplishments along its path to success.

But the growth of passenger demand has also brought about increased competition. Other rival airplane and helijet companies are also seeking their share of the market. When customers are ready to book a flight they need immediate attention and validation of their reservation. Harbour Air saw the need to secure their standing as B.C.’s premiere seaplane flight service.

Where they are

Online booking is a vital component of Harbour Air’s acquisition strategy. Maintaining a strong marketing presence in a competitive landscape is absolutely a necessity for the company to retain its marketshare. Advertising in the online spaces where Harbour Air’s audience is looking for the company’s services was another critical component of the overall marketing strategy.

For a mature brand like Harbour Air seeking the business of new customers and be front-of-mind to a business and travel audience, the challenge is a tall one indeed. But when the pandemic of 2020 hit the world, it had a sizeable impact on the number of bookings Harbour Air saw.

They needed a new plan from Snaptech.

200% Increase in conversions
95% Increase in click-through rate
59% Lowering of cost-per-click

What was needed

In response to the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Snaptech took on the vital role of revamping the marketing strategy for Harbour Air.

Key tactics employed included a strong emphasis on brand defense and the establishment of robust brand awareness. Furthermore, the adoption of dynamic and AI-driven search ads, tailored to match user search volume on-demand for non-branded terms, played a pivotal role in the recovery process.

Snaptech increased the number of conversions by 200%, a staggering number. Our agency was able to do this and also lower the cost-per-click for Harbour Air, thus effectively making it more affordable to acquire a new customer.

The impressive progress achieved in Harbour Air’s Google Ads account highlights how Snaptech’s smart strategies helped the company overcome pandemic-related challenges. Snaptech focused on protecting the brand, making people more aware of it, and using advanced search ads. This not only aided Harbour Air’s recovery but also boosted its online presence and customer interaction significantly.

As we approach our tenth year with Harbour Air as a Snaptech client we take pride in being a trusted partner for one of B.C.’s most recognized brands.

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