Where they were

Stockwatch had found themselves in a difficult position. The company was looking to grow their paid ad subscriber base; however, due to economic conditions, they found themselves operating within a depreciating market. This meant that sending a high volume of traffic would not necessarily lead to new subscribers, and that sourcing the right people and improving the website experience would be crucial.

One of Stockwatch’s executives attended a Snaptech webinar, looking to learn more about how their business could utilize digital marketing and improve their web design. Impressed with the information received during the presentation, Stockwatch proceeded with a website audit to learn more. With the findings of the audit in hand, Stockwatch knew that adjusting their digital strategy was the right choice.

Where they are

After signing on with Snaptech for ongoing digital marketing services, Stockwatch experienced high levels of return on investment which significantly increased their overall website revenue. While the business saw an increase in traffic and trial subscriptions on the site, the biggest change was seen in the number of paid ad subscribers. These results indicated that the efforts were doing more than bringing in and engaging users, but that once on the site the traffic was becoming a converting lead more readily.

Above and beyond sales, Stockwatch has taken away many assets from their partnership with Snaptech. Stockwatch has improved their website’s landing pages, optimized and streamlined their data collection, and set-up an effective, ongoing email marketing strategy.

42% Increase in Revenue from Ads
11% Increase in Trial Subscriptions
50% Increase in Paid Subscriptions

What was needed

With most businesses that operate online, it is common that the sum of the website’s assets is greater than their impact as a whole. Before coming to Snaptech, Stockwatch had many different landing pages and email campaigns which did not necessarily come together to make an integrated digital strategy. After completing the website and marketing audit of their business we identified numerous changes, which when put together would have a positive effect on output. These included efforts such as tracking software, analytics optimization, data mining, web design, landing page testing, imagery, ad unit placements and a media kit. The impact? Stockwatch was now able to see all of their different web assets come together, leading to an overall increase in lead acquisition.

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