Where they were

An established manufacturing company with over 50 years of business experience, Green Line Hose & Fittings had carefully built a rock-solid reputation for high-quality hoses and accessories.

What Green Line wanted to do was build its online sales but without undercutting the company’s in-person sales throughout stores across Canada. This task needed to be handled with sophistication and delicacy.

Where they are

Due to the nature of the client’s brand name containing high value keywords, our team went after branded search campaigns and prioritized them to maximize visibility through carefully managed targeted keywords and negative keyword lists.We knew that the Green Line name was recognized for its quality, so we leveraged that good will to bring more exposure to the brand online.

Highlighting new store openings as they occurred was another one of our objectives. In coordination with the Green Line marketing arm, Snaptech provided monthly marketing updates and recommendations to synchronize with the Green Line initiatives.

190% increase in online revenue over the past 2 years
127% increase in transactions
900,000+ new visits to the website over 2 years

What was needed

By developing a flexible strategy using Google and Facebook advertising, on-site search engine optimization, and content strategy through a lens of mid- and long-term goals, Green Line had great success.

At the end of our second year of collaboration Green Line reported an incredible 190% increase online revenue and a 127% increase in online transactions — two fantastic numbers that we were delighted to have helped deliver.

We also noted increased visibility of Green Line stores within their niche, helping to bring more customers to their physical locations.

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