Where they were

After the 2008-09 recession, Warline Painting was struggling to find enough business to keep their doors open. As with many other businesses at the time, traditional methods of sourcing new business were no longer effective or profitable. The company knew that if they did not pivot to a different strategy quickly, the business may not be able to overcome the economic adversity.

Warline Painting had never put a focus on their online visibility. In fact, their business did not even have a website. Seeing the opportunity to drum up business online and avoid directly competing for leads, Warline turned to Snaptech for digital business strategy.

Where they are

Warline Painting is now recognized across the Greater Vancouver area as being the premier provider of high quality painting services. Their business is thriving, with the website generating more possible leads than the business can service.

After partnering with Snaptech, Warline painting has grown their employee roster, refreshed their website multiple times, and experienced unprecedented revenue growth. They are booked up to six months in advance, and have become one of the most respected painting companies on Canada’s western coast.

85% Of New Leads Come From the Website
300% Increase in Sales
3 to 30+ Employee Growth in Less Than 2years

What was needed

Warline Painting’s digital needs, tactics and goals evolved rapidly over the years, but began at square one – a website. Working with their team to better understand their brand, we created a website which is both beautiful and focused on lead generation. Through a heavy focus on galleries and striking images, we created more than just a website, but also a sales asset.

In partnering with Warline’s team, we worked to educate them on all of the other components of digital strategy outside of sole website creation. This discussion led to the team thinking far beyond a website, but also web analytics set-up, digital tracking, paid ad management and search engine optimization. These tactics formed more than just an “online strategy” for Warline, but became critical components of their overall business strategy. We now work with Warline in a variety of facets, utilizing digital platforms when they are most suited to help Warline grow and maintain their customer base.

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