Where they were

Entering the end of 2013, HealthX Physical Therapy realized that their existing methods of new client acquisition were not consistent and reliable. While certain months they were operating with a full schedule, there were others where the phone barely rang.

Having worked with Snaptech back in 2005, HealthX began to wonder if digital marketing could provide them with a consistent and sustainable method for lead generation. As well, the business was looking for marketing tactics where they could understand and review not just the volume of leads, but the quality as well.

Where they are

A lot has changed for HealthX since 2013, with substantial growth in terms of their client and company roster. Their clinic is consistently seen as a leader in the Greater Vancouver community, with new clients walking in their doors every month for a variety of their service offerings.

With consistent and predictable advertising in place, HealthX has a firm idea of the cost per lead they can expect and can scale their ad spend accordingly. Their phone rings every day, with the people on the other end having found them through their website. HealthX can now focus on what they do best – providing exemplary care to their customers.

33.99% Click-to-Lead Rate
55.01% Increase in Leads from Ads
11.4% Increase in Phone Call Duration from Digital

What was needed

After initial meetings with HealthX about their business goals, we knew that they needed digital marketing campaigns that could produce results regardless of changes in competition, time of the year or the service that they provide. With that in mind, our team started by refreshing the website, optimizing the content, and adjusting contact information to be easily read and navigated. Before commencing marketing, our team set-up holistic tracking across the site, to better understand user behavior and conversion points.

With the website ready for a wave of new traffic, we put together a strategy to target web users who were actively looking for a physiotherapist. To do this, we made technical website adjustments and designed campaigns to help HealthX dominate the local search results. Their brand now serves for a variety of physical therapy keywords in their local area, with a dual presence of both ads and their organic listing. The result? Nearly every person within their service area who is searching for their services is exposed to HealthX, leading to a consistent funnel of new traffic to the website and calls for their clinic.

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