Where they were

Stardust Solar is an installer of renewable energy solutions for businesses and residential properties. As an award-winning firm for their solar panel installation, Stardust needed emphasis on their high quality of work and customer satisfaction.

As more competition began to enter the solar panel market, Stardust Solar needed to develop a new strategy that built on their earlier foundation but also allowed for their future expansion plans, while keeping marketing costs affordable.

Where they are

Leads are an important part of ever business. For Stardust Solar, online advertising had proven effective but the cost per acquisition was soaring. They needed to find ways to keep the cost of paid advertising steady so their CPA didn’t escalate past the point of affordability.

On top of that, Stardust Solar’s management wanted to grow the number of franchises. This strategy required a different method of planning than a B2C approach.

Excited about working in the green energy sector once again, Snaptech was up to the challenge.

41% drop in cost per lead
32% drop in cost per site session
21% increase in number of leads

What was needed

Establishing a baseline for where Stardust Solar was at when Snaptech got involved was important. Our agency then thought up a two-fold strategy to acquire more customer leads and to help the business accelerate its franchise growth aspirations.

At the end of the first year of collaboration between Stardust and Snaptech, the number of leads for the business increased by 21%.

Also of note was the lowering of cost per lead: a tremendous 41% decrease from how much a lead cost before Snaptech’s involvement with managing the account. There was an over $20 dollar savings per lead realized after Snaptech took over management of the paid ads.

Finally, Snaptech was delighted to see Stardust Solar adding on two new franchises in the first year of partnership, followed by three more new franchises in year two.

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