Where they were

Discount Hawaii Car Rental was feeling the pressure of their competition biting at their heels. As a leader in the car rental industry, with subsidiaries across the United States, the owners knew that to stay relevant they had to stay one step ahead. Their existing strategies for customer acquisition were quickly becoming outdated and concern was growing in regards to the future of their business.

With industry changes in mind, Discount Hawaii set out to see how they could utilize emerging online technologies to boost bookings. The business knew that improvements to the website and digital marketing strategy could lead to a large return, but was not certain on where or how to start.

Where they are

After website redesigns, brand expansion and the implementation of a pay-per-click digital marketing strategy, Discount Hawaii is seeing the growth that they had only imagined was possible with overall revenue lift that is far beyond their original targets.

Following the recent launch of the new Discount Hawaii Car Rental website, the brand experienced 1,600 more leads in the first two weeks than in any other similar time period. Along with web analytics and development, the company continues to see a stream of quality customers from their paid advertising campaigns. On the bottom line, Discount Hawaii has seen an increase in traffic and booking rate, leading to tremendous sales growth.

30% Increase in Gross Revenue
101% Increase in Customer Leads
53% Lift in Performance from Digital Marketing

What was needed

Discount Hawaii Car Rental required a powerful and intricate digital strategy. It was clear from the get-go that the brand would need a balance of web development, digital analytics and internet marketing to foster the type of growth they were looking for. Starting at square one, our team audited their data systems to ensure that their website could provide clear, accurate reports on results. We tagged their website with a variety of heat mapping technology which allowed us to track user’s behavior on the site. With this newfound knowledge of the positive and negative aspects of their booking system, we were able to begin designing and implementing a new website that we knew would improve results.

With their new website launched, we began to work with Discount Hawaii on creating an ongoing service package to help them see maximum returns. Our team has built numerous websites for specific geographic areas, consulted on search engine optimization projects, managed social media strategy and improved paid advertising efforts. Together we have been able to identify that the key factor in success is flexibility. With both Snaptech and Discount Hawaii dynamic enough to implement changes as the need arises, our team can capitalize on opportunities and minimize threats.

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