Where they were

Loving Home Care Services (LHCS) found themselves in a difficult position. Having worked with another digital agency for over a year, the brand could tell that they were making some headway in terms of digital growth. However, results were beginning to slow down for a reason that was unknown to the business and undiagnosed by their partner.

To get back on track to achieve their targets, LHCS knew that they would need to find a digital agency who would be more transparent and proactive with their marketing. They came to Snaptech with the goals of generating more leads which turn into high-value clients, growing brand awareness within their service area and learning more about how their customer interacts with their brand online.

Where they are

Since working with LHCS, the business has experienced tremendous growth through marketing campaigns which improve each month. The company has seen gradual, sustained increases in high-intent phone calls and a substantial lift in their social media following.

Six months into their partnership with Snaptech, LHCS is incredibly optimistic with their business direction. Now armed with a thorough understanding or their cost-efficiency, results, and lead quality, the company is able to better understand their marketing ROI and create strategies which maximize return. Our teams are constantly reviewing campaign results for insights to better improve efficiency, quality and impact on overall revenue.

66.6% Increase in Leads
12.9% Increase in High-Value Clients
245% Improved Conversion Rate

What was needed

In developing an approach to LHCS’s online presence, we started with a thorough analysis of their customers. Unlike most businesses with online orientated marketing, LHCS doesn’t sell products or an impersonal service; they offer care that impacts the quality of people’s lives. With this in mind, we developed an empathetic understanding of their audience’s world and refreshed their website to help customers follow an online journey that suits them. Instead of building a traditional website where all website pages are built before launch, we took a dynamic, growth-driven approach. The website was launched with only key pages live, and each month we work with LHCS to develop new content as customer needs and wants adjust, leading to a website which has a longer lifespan and is better suited for their market.

Using the knowledge of their customers gained through the website planning, we created digital marketing campaigns to reach potential clients across a variety of platforms. Using advanced targeting and emotional language, we engage with prospective clients through social media. Then, through remarketing and search engine advertising, we work to convert users into clients through ads with a heavy call-to-action. This balanced approach between lead generation and branding has led to LHCS seeing both the sales and awareness results they need.

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