Where they were

Within recent years, 1st Pest Control has been making waves as a new entrant into Vancouver’s competitive pest control industry. Operating in a market that is full of other businesses who offer similar services and have a built-up brand reputation, 1st Pest Control knew that they needed a unique approach to differentiate their business.

1st Pest Control’s founder had an existing relationship with Snaptech, as we had helped him grow two of his other businesses through SEO. But, in the case of 1st Pest Control, he knew that a different, more holistic approach online would be required to see the results his business needs

Where they are

Now an established business in the industry, 1st Pest Control has made their mark on the competitive landscape. They continue to generate quality business in the home area of Delta, and with the help of digital advertising, the business has been able to see consistent leads from across the Greater Vancouver region.

1st Pest Control has been able to identify which services are the most profitable and where they can set themselves apart from their competitors. Working with our digital advertising team, they have created a tailored lead funnel for their business, bringing in the customers that they wish to see.

13.01% Lead Rate from Advertising
2,173% Increase in Monthly Traffic with Addition of Advertising
31.2% Increase in Phone call Duration

What was needed

In order to kickstart 1st Pest Control’s web assets, our team begun with a dynamic site design. After discussion with their team about who their brand is, what their services are, and who their target customer will be, we created a website optimized for lead generation. Through responsive web development, our team was able to produce a website which easily navigates the customer to the information they need and provides them with opportunities to contact the business at every turn.

As with any new website, it takes time and optimization to display in the first page of search results. After the launch, our expert team implemented a foundational SEO strategy, followed up with more advanced tactics every month to help the brand’s presence in search results grow as rapidly as possible. To aid 1st Pest Control in seeing an immediate return, we created search advertising campaigns designed to capture users who are actively looking for pest control services. Working with the 1st Pest Control team, we identified and targeted our campaigns based on the seasonality of pests, in order to provide the highest marketing ROI possible. The result? An ever-changing advertising approach designed to stretch every dollar and maximize leads.

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