Where they were

Standing out in the skin care industry is hard. Not only does your product need to reach the high expectations and earn the trust of customers but you need to reach your audience over the noise of the competition.

As a specialized skin care clinic and maker of skin care products and custom formulations, OptaDerm had put in the work to produce a well-received product line. They needed to find new marketing solutions that would discover new audiences looking for their skin care solutions and increase bookings for their clinic.

Where they are

When Snaptech began working with OptaDerm our initial work was to increase clinic bookings. For a few years things were looking great but then the COVID pandemic of 2020 happened. Businesses that offered personal services took a hard hit to their business. As OptaDerm pivoted to adjust their in-person services to ensure the safety of staff and their patients, Snaptech refocused on building the ecommerce portion of OptaDerm’s revenue.

The challenges were heightened by the pandemic but OptaDerm wasn’t alone in facing them. Many businesses that offered in-person services needed to adjust their customer strategy. During this time Snaptech worked with many companies, both small-sized businesses and larger enterprises, to get through the COVID chokehold and emerge on the other side as stronger, leaner businesses.

245% Increase in online revenue
209% increase in transactions
62.8% increase in appointments booked

What was needed

As mentioned, OptaDerm needed to rethink its in-person booking plan when the pandemic struck. Snaptech shifted its digital marketing strategy to SEO and a brand awareness campaign, to safeguard OptaDerm ’s long-term strategy.

As in-person services resumed we relaunched that campaign to fill the funnel. Two years after the pandemic OptaDerm has seen a 62.8% increase in booking appointment conversions versus the same period in 2019, just before the pandemic arrived.

Additionally, the work to boost OptaDerm ’s online sales has seen very positive results. In a three year period the company’s ecommerce revenue has soared 245.4%, with a 209% increase in online transactions. Also worth reporting is an increase in the customer’s average order price by 11.9%.

When unexpected challenges face your business you need to have a team that can shift strategy quickly. We look at the work done for OptaDerm as proof that every problem has a solution waiting to be discovered.

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