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Let us cut out the data noise and identify actionable digital insights for your business

Identifying key actionable insights can help you build a successful digital strategy and grow your competitive advantage in an ever-changing digital business environment.

Fully Employ All Data Sources for Analysis

While digital analysis and customer data reports provide great insights to a company’s digital strategy, there is so much more information to consider. We understand that the incredible amounts of data available might seem overwhelming. At present, companies are only analyzing a mere 12% of their own data. That leaves 88% of data untouched and unused to make strategic decisions that could ultimately lead to critical competitive advantages.*

Snaptech knows where to look! A Digital Assessment can help evaluate your company’s current digital efforts by analyzing your web presence, tapping into that 88% of untouched data, identifying opportunities, and optimizing the highest-value activities that will generate the most value.

Receive Informed Professional Insights

Snaptech’s Digital Assessment provides a holistic, in-depth analysis of your digital presence. It evaluates qualitative and quantitative results generated from your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, and your online profile. Our macro-analysis compares your company’s analytic behavior to industry benchmarks and current market behaviour to fully understand your competition. The micro-analysis evaluates company related data and provides specific customer behavior insight, brand awareness and social media engagement.

In short, our Digital Assessment provides the objective insights required to make digital marketing investments that generate positive results.

Only 41% of companies are confident in their ability to measure their ROI from digital marketing programmes.

Understanding your results is key when evaluating a digital campaign. Do you have the information required to identify where your revenue is coming from? We can help!

Our in-depth Digital Assessment provides a comprehensive view of what’s working, and what isn’t. Our data storytellers will identify business specific opportunities and actionable insights. Using this information, you can make more informed decisions that improve your online marketing strategies and engage with your relevant audiences.

This is how we'll do it:

We’re all about understanding your business.  That’s why we ask so many questions. Our digital storytellers create a list of relevant questions that are unique to your specific business needs.  The more your share, the better prepared we are to analyze your data.

Our Google-Certified experts sift through your data. Yes, all of it! This typically includes Google Analytics data, survey info, website analysis, and privileged industry data provided by Google to Premier Partners.

Utilizing a comprehensive set of data sources, Snaptech analyzes the information in relation to your unique business goals and KPI’s. Our team further analyzes the relevant data to fully understand your digital strategy; what is working and what could potentially generate better results.

It’s not all about you (sorry). In order to benchmark your current status in the industry, we evaluate your competitors’ advertising performance, their website usability, and the status of their organic search engine visibility.

After combing through all that data, we finally come to that very important moment – when we identify new or existing actionable insights that can generate immediate value for your business.

Based on the opportunities identified by our certified Google specialists, we develop a recommended digital roadmap. By combining several digital initiatives, we’re able to recommend your best chance to achieve your business goals (including alternatives and budgets). This is all presented to you, allowing for questions and discussion.

So, we’ve created your digital roadmap and a realistic timeline to implement it. Now what? Well, the ball’s in your court! You decide how you’d like to move forward, what digital marketing strategies you want to implement, and when you’d like to begin. We’re all about what works for you.

In an environment where digital technology drives value creation and growth, Snaptech Marketing brings a unique combination of industry experience and functional knowledge to help organizations implement digital practices that help businesses grow faster and more effectively. We’ve been doing this successfully since 2003. So successfully, in fact, that we were hand-picked by Google themselves to be a Premier Google Partner.

What does being a Google Premier Partner mean? Well, for starters; only 3% of Google Partners achieve premier status, so that’s a pretty big deal. Google awarded us this title as a direct result of our team’s qualifications and experience, and because of the exemplary results we generate for our clients.

For our clients, it means working with a digital marketing team that has first-hand knowledge of industry best practices, exclusive access to beta features, tools and techniques, as well as Google proprietary industry data. Our Google-certified digital specialists ensure the highest standard of work to meet our clients’ business goals.

* Forrester Research Forrester’s Global Business Technographics® Data and Analytics Survey, 2015
* Adobe Econsultancy Digital 2016 Digital Trends. 2016