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Can print publications exist in an increasingly digital world? The answer is yes, and our marketing agency has proven it by curating a digital strategy that meets publishers’ goals. If you are a traditional magazine publisher looking for help, reach out to Snaptech. We can find new ways to increase your revenue from digital and print advertising streams, generate new flows of revenue, grow your awareness and your website’s unique visitors, and beef up your publication’s metrics so that it attracts and retains advertisers.

Let’s have a discussion about your publication’s specific goals and how to reach them.

For Publishers Seeking a Savvy Digital Partner

Consuming content has never gone out of style, and it’s only the manner in which content you have created is consumed.

In fact, when both the worldwide digital and print magazine revenues are combined and examined over the 2020s, $79.8 billion dollars has been estimated to be earned just in 2023 alone. Over 200 million adults consume digital and print magazine content. (These figures come from a report on IBISWorld and a report on Wordsrated.)

Magazine publishers need to embrace digital. Our agency knows that navigating the world of online publishing can be confusing. Snaptech’s role with our publishing clients is to help find ways to connect new readers with the publisher’s titles, grow their readership, and ultimately drive more revenue dollars into the publisher’s wallet.

Maybe you are a traditional print publisher looking for assistance in crossing the digital chasm. Maybe you have already begun making your online move but need help refining your strategies. Snaptech can help you reach your destination or even surpass your expectations.

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Industry Experience

We understand your audience and have delivered results for magazine publishers seeking success.

Revenue Driven Strategy

Our digital strategies are driven in pursuit of growth. Your return on investment is the north star we sail our ship by.


We earn the trust of our clients through our actions. Long-term partnerships are our goal.

Strategic Online Presence

A magazine’s website needs to be as attractive and interesting as the issue on newsstands. We work with a magazine’s brand to adapt it to a digital medium, not take away or needlessly change what readers and the editorial team dearly love.

If your magazine website is seeking a rebrand, or you want to increase time-on-site or pages-per-visitor stats that your advertisers care about, we’re the digital agency to help. By examining your magazine website’s data we can come up with a blueprint to build on your present results.

If you own several titles that each have their own unique style and identity, we will make sure that the new look of your magazine website is modern, fresh and what the current online audience expects. We build websites for mobile and desktop readers, and know the strengths of each style (and more importantly, what to not do!)

Having a beautiful website is the starting point for a publisher. You build a digital strategy from this point, driving engagement, growth and a long-term vision from the homebase of your site. We can optimize your magazine’s website to drive new subscriptions for the print magazine using the knowledge we’ve learned. Through our continuous growth development plan we’ll continue to refine and improve results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To maximize visibility on search engines like Google, Snaptech has its own team of search engine optimization (SEO) experts. These team members can develop a strategy to get your magazine website indexed and ranked highly by search engines, and to also leverage SEO techniques specifically tailored to the moving audience that you are seeking.

You will also have key content pages on your publication’s website. These pages get a steady stream of visitors looking for the article you’ve published. By optimizing your best performing article pages with the proper keywords and edits, and by creating high-quality backlinks, your page’s authority will increase and grow as the years go by. More people will continue to come to these pages and the compounding traffic will add even more to your ad revenue. This sort of SEO becomes a lucrative long-term investment in your publishing business.

Let our digital marketing agency bring the audience you desire directly to your magazine’s front door.

Content Marketing

You are in the business of creating content. A digital marketing agency such as ours works with your editorial team on a content strategy so that all of the content you are paying to make – articles, blog posts, interviews, infographics, videos, and news stories – have a greater effect than their individual contributions. This is how you stand out from other magazine publishers in your niche and why your happy readers will add to your marketing efforts through their word-of-mouth.

Let our team of digital strategists work alongside your writing team. We won’t upset their established flow of work, and we can help them learn and use best SEO practices in their writing work.

Social Media Management

Having a strong and active social media platform presence is unavoidable if you are a magazine publisher. Strong social proof can create immediate confidence in people seeking trustworthy publications that they want to share with their friends and followers. If online reviews are a needed component of building that online presence, we have experience with this aspect of online reputation management too for magazine publishers too.

Educate and entertain through your social media content by letting Snaptech create and curate posts that resonate with your magazine readers. Through platforms like Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, Threads, Tiktok, Pinterest and LinkedIn, your magazine publications boost their readership, draw inbound traffic to your website, spread awareness of your magazine brand, grow your subscription base, and establish your magazine’s brand as a thought leader. And we’ll help you grow your social accounts with real followers!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

For immediate and targeted results, paid advertising (PPC) campaigns can be tailored to reach people actively searching for your content and subject matter. Before the end of the day your magazine’s website can have a steady stream of targeted visitors seeking the interesting stories of note, interviews, or news items your team writes and curates.

Snaptech has considerable experience managing campaigns for publishers, including adjusting campaigns and landing pages to grow subscribers for the print magazine, or patreons and financial supporters to maximize unrealized revenue.

We would take care in ensuring your company’s message is reaching the right audience at the right time, sticking to an advertising budget that’s not out of this world, and making your ad campaigns such a success that we would love to feature your publication as our next case study.

Regularly scheduled phone and email updates, as well as monthly written reporting, is also standard in our service. The periodicals in your publishing family would be in excellent care with the Snaptech PPC team.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective methods for nurturing leads and maintaining reader relationships. If you haven’t started an email marketing strategy yet for your readership we would strongly recommend it. Or, if you want a second opinion on your existing newsletter strategy and how to turn subscribers into more readers and customers for your service or products, Snaptech can lend you a hand.

Our experience in growing email subscriber lists would help you attract more revenue opportunities such as sponsors for e-blasts, or advertisers seeking to reach your curated audience.

We can work with many different email platforms so you don’t need to move to a new one and relearn your publishing process over again. We also can help you diagnose your email/newsletter metrics and tell you where there are weak spots or unidentified opportunities to take advantage of.

Need help with this and don’t know where to begin with building an email marketing strategy for your magazine readers? We’ve got your back, and we can inform and educate you along the way. Let us provide you with a tailored strategy that helps readers spread the word about your awesome content.

Analytics, Reporting & Data Storytelling

To continually refine its marketing efforts your publishing business needs access to meaningful data. More important than having that data is understanding what it’s telling you.

A digital marketing company that cares about your success should provide detailed analytics and reports, offering insights into website traffic, conversion rates, and customer behavior. This data-driven approach allows for strategic adjustments, ensuring that marketing campaigns yield the desired results.

As we have done with previous clients in the magazine publishing space Snaptech can be a strong partner in determining what your data is telling you. We can adjust and pivot strategy based on what feedback your audience is giving to your digital marketing approach. We can identify possibilities from the data, weed out problems before they become a thorn in your side, and provide insight so you can make the best decisions for your company’s growth. Our team is also well-versed in Google Analytics 4 (GA4), ensuring we can provide clear and concise reports.

A Growth Partner for Magazines & Periodicals

Snaptech gives your magazines and your publishing business a sophisticated, measured plan for growth. We think of ourselves as a partner in your business’ success; we want to help you reach your revenue goals and surpass them.

Whether you need landing pages to capture new subscribers, a creative ad campaign that stands out from the other magazines in your space, a social media strategy that actually drives engagement and new followers, or a SEO approach that places you on the first page of important keywords, Snaptech can help you achieve it.


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