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Putting Google Products to Work

Google’s analytics solutions are as impressive as they are complex. In essence, Google offers free and enterprise analytics tools to measure website, app, and offline data. It is entirely up to you as to how to utilize these tools. And therein lies the opportunity. While the majority of businesses are satisfied with standard Google Analytics implementation, Snaptech relentlessly pursues advanced configurations that fully utilize Google’s software.

We Are Google Certified from Top to Bottom

As a Premier Google Partner, Snaptech’s team is committed to maintaining every Google certification possible. Year after year, every team member maintains the Google Analytics IQ (Individual Qualification), in addition to all six Google advertising specializations. Beyond this, Snaptech conducts bi-weekly internal analytics seminars (it gets nerdy fast, and we like it that way). Coupled by the help of our dedicated Google support team, we build upon our growing body of knowledge – and its all available to our valued clients.

Some of Our Favourite Google Analytics Functionalities

If slicing data is the game, it helps to know where to cut. Snaptech helps businesses identify and interpret data. It takes years of experience to know where these insights are found. Here are some examples of useful Google Analytics reports.

Top Conversion Paths

Discover common paths taken by high-quality users before they convert.

Enhanced eCommerce

Unlock advanced measurement of product-related user interactions.

Behavior Experiments

Test changes or variations to webpages and apps.

Snaptech Marketing

Google Analytics Platforms

Today, Google’s analytics suite has expanded beyond its primary Google Analytics offering. New technologies such as Data Studio and Surveys push the limits of online measurement and data computation. Here are some of the Google products that Snaptech regularly integrates into our marketing efforts.

  • Analytics
  • Tag Manager
  • Optimize
  • Data Studio
  • Surveys
  • Attribution
  • Audience Center
  • Analytics 360 Suite
  • Content Experiments

Our Analytics Process

Advanced analytics projects require special attention related to project scope. Utilizing both practical experience and Google documentation, we are constantly learning the requirements of each unique project. We first determine features and data collection methods before implementing. We utilize Test Views to ensure the data appears correctly in the interface before pushing live. All coding is performed by experienced programmers who specialize in analytics specifically.