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Make Your Data Talk

The art of marketing is now a science. At its core, digital advertising is entirely dependent on a supporting analytics framework. Snaptech’s goal is to take this framework to its limit – and then push those limits. To achieve this, we have in-house web analytics experts whose sole purposes is to persistently improve, invent, and expand analytics structures for our clients. This includes enhanced eCommerce, call tracking, advanced lead attribution, behaviour visualization maps, and even offline conversions for in-store traffic.

Beyond our internal team of analytics experts, Snaptech is a Premier Google Partner and member of the Google Advisory Council. This connects our team directly to Google with exclusive support and access to their analytics technicians.

Our Analytics Offerings

Web analytics support takes on many forms. Snaptech’s team of web analytics specialists work in tandem with account directors to guide and aid all marketing efforts. The result is clear and accurate data that makes business insights jump off the screen, with the aid of our in-house data storytellers.

Audit & Setup

Taking your existing analytics solution to the next level

Analysis & Reporting

Guiding analytics insights to subsequent business decisions


Preserving your continuous and uninterrupted analytics data

In-store Analytics & Technology

Bridging the gap between on and offline with iBeacon technology, POS integrations, and mobile app functionalities


Providing professional guidance during your analytics project

Conversion Rate Optimization

Innovating toward the most advanced analytics framework possible

Enhance & Explore

Administering content experiments to improve user behaviour

Learn About Google Analytics Solutions

Our Analytics Platforms

Consistently setting the industry standard, Google Analytics has revolutionized the web analytics industry by providing accessibility and dependability to the masses. We are big fans. Using Google Analytics as our foundation, Snaptech Marketing seeks to expand and integrate your analytics framework into additional platforms. Examples include the full Google Analytics Suite, Tableau, Supermetrics, call tracking platforms (CallTrackingMetrics, Convirza, CallRail), heatmap platforms (CrazyEgg, Zarget, Domo, Hotjar), reporting platforms (Swydo, TapClicks, RavenTools, Moz), and A/B Testing (Google Content Experiments, Optimizely, Unbounce).

Going beyond the restrictions of consumer analytics platforms, Snaptech leverages internal propriety systems in our own mKubed Suite. Years of innovation and expansion have resulted in game-changing analytics technologies such as Pathfinder, Jigsaw Integration, and VisitorID. These provide our clients access to information competitors simply don’t have – contributing to your competitive advantage.

Snaptech Marketing

Advanced Programming Analytics

Anything is possible. In that light, we reverse engineer our analytics pursuits by first deciding the outcome, and then making it a reality. In the analytics sphere, this requires a wealth of intellectual capital in the form of programming and measurement protocol. Examples include eCommerce server values for shopping carts, javascript page calls, email tracking, and utilization of the Google ID. These areas combine to support unorthodox solutions to unwanted gaps in data. Day by day, we fight to fill these gaps.