Warline Painting | Digital Case Study

What They Needed

Without having any sort of earlier web presence, Warline Painting was a small business trying to survive the effects of the 2008-09 recession. Like every other business during that time, things had gotten tight and the old ways of drumming up business weren’t effective anymore. Warline desperately needed to find a smarter way to market their painting services and connect them with potential customers.

What We Did

Seeking a better way to market their services and increase lead flow, Warline approached Snaptech and commissioned our company to build them their first website. We also began to educate the owners about the benefits of a digital strategy, getting them to think beyond just having a website, and to consider other forms of online marketing such as search engine marketing (SEM) and paid ad management (PPC).

Open New Market
Reach More Prospects
Online Leadership
Increase SEO Rankings
Snaptech Marketing

The Results

The first Warline Painting website was a tremendous success, blowing past everyone’s expectations. Less than 5 months after the launch of that site, 85% of Warline’s new clients were coming from online leads.

Of New Leads Come From Website
Increase in Sales

A year later, and having grown their company tremendously to handle the increased sales, Warline redesigned their website and began including blogging and social media activities. Today, nearly 3 years since first partnering with Snaptech, Warline Painting has grown from 3 employees to more than 30. They are booked up to six months in advance and have become one of the most respected painting companies on the west coast of Canada.

3 to 30
Employees in Under 2-years
Increase in Annual Traffic