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Where They Were

In October 2016, Gentle Fawn was looking to up their game. As a quickly growing women’s clothing boutique, they found the majority of their revenue coming through wholesale. Wanting to grow their brand, Gentle Fawn began to explore the B2C market through an eCommerce website.

After launching, the business quickly realized that driving qualified customers to the website was more difficult than originally anticipated. Unsure of which advertising channels would be most effective, Gentle Fawn started their search for a digital agency.

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Where They Are Now

Gentle Fawn is still growing rapidly, but now their company has a significant presence in both the wholesale and eCommerce markets. Their online business is thriving, with a combination of new and returning customers making purchases on the website every day.

The new balance of sustainable, performance-driven marketing channels has created an ongoing stream of users into the website. After more than doubling their online sales in little over a year, the business is in a strong position to set targets that they previously did not believe were within reach.

What Was Missing?

In working with Gentle Fawn, we immediately recognized that they had an amazing vision for who their brand is and will be. What was uncertain, was exactly who their customer is. Through the utilization of Facebook campaigns, we were able to target consumers who were engaged with powerful brands in the women’s clothing market. Then, by digging into the data and looking at customer insights, we were able to provide Gentle Fawn with a clear idea of who their customers are demographically and what their interests are. This allowed us to create uniquely targeted campaigns to reach young women who were the perfect fit for Gentle Fawn’s clothing.

Any retail business knows that keeping a customer is substantially cheaper than acquiring a new one. Through the use of both Google and Facebook, we powered beautiful remarketing advertisements that drove unprecedented revenue and return-on-investment. The results? Gentle Fawn was able to grow their sales, brand presence and customer base at a level of spend that came in well within budget.

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