Discount Hawaii Car Rental | Digital Case Study

What They Needed

Discount Hawaii Car Rental came to us wanting to increase their online bookings. As an experienced online business, the owners were aware of the potential that increasing their digital marketing performance could bring for the company – they just weren’t sure where to start.

Snaptech Marketing

What We Did

We analyzed the user behaviour of their site visitors using tools like our Heatmap software – which allows us to see exactly on any given web page where people are clicking. From our findings, we redesigned the website so that it was easier for people to navigate and have a better user experience.

Site Redesign
Increase Conversions
Grow Social
Mobile Site
Snaptech Marketing

The Results

Within two weeks of the new Discount Hawaii Car Rental website launching they brought in 1,600 more leads than any other similar time period. One year after site launch the company’s gross revenue had blossomed by an amazing 30%. By every measurement the new website redesign was a gigantic success.

Increase in Gross Revenue
Increase in Online Leads

Snaptech continues to enjoy having Discount Hawaii Car Rental as a premiere client. We have gone on to design more geographical-specific sites for them, as well as manage and improve their paid advertising performance. Snaptech also develops and manages the company’s social media strategy campaigns.

Increase in PPC Conversions
Increase in Facebook Fans