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Why Choose Snaptech Marketing: Your Premier Burnaby Digital Marketing Company

If your business is looking for a digital marketing partner that will care about getting results, Snaptech is the marketing agency your Burnaby business needs. That’s a bold statement to make, but let us back it up with proof of our intent.

You may have already worked with a digital marketing provider but found that they weren’t delivering on their promise of delivering more leads, better quality web traffic or greater revenue. Maybe you have been doing your own paid ad management, or writing web copy, or creating landing pages – and the results have been disappointing. Snaptech exists to transform your business by creating winning digital strategies that maximize your marketing returns with innovative solutions and ideas.

We understand the Burnaby shopper and we know how to reach them, especially being a local Burnaby marketing agency that has operated in the region for over 20 years. If you are a Burnaby business owner seeking to widen your audience to the larger Greater Vancouver area, we can help you. And if you’re ready to take your business outside of Burnaby and go global, we can show you a pathway to do that too.

Elevating Burnaby Businesses: Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies

Let’s show you what the possibilities are.

If you own a service-based business (like a Burnaby plumbing company, electrician, lawyer, accountant, roofer, or moving business) you know how important it is to be visible to people who need your service at the right time.

Companies that rank high in local Burnaby search engine results know that it’s more than just having a pretty website, or good content. It’s about being able to show up in results when someone living in Metrotown Googles “best-reviewed pizza”, or when a shopper in the Big Bend neighbourhood looks for a store open late at night.

A realtor that’s listing a new home on the market wants to get the attention of people looking for homes in Willingdon Heights, or South Slope, or around Brentwood Mall. The ones that have a better digital marketing team helping them will get more views, leads, and sales.

Snaptech wants to be the team that delivers these results. Let us drive more conversions, more social media engagement, a lower online ad spend to your campaigns, and all of the rest that goes in with a well-run digital marketing strategy.

Over 20 Years of Excellence

Snaptech Founded in 2000

Founded in 2000

Snaptech has been in business for over 20 years. We have hundreds of clients that saw growth from our digital marketing work.

Snaptech Focused on Growth Marketing Initiatives

Growth Focused

We think of our digital marketing agency as a partner for your business. You don’t have to face tough growth challenges alone.

Trustworthy Marketing Agency


Being a partner in your business means open lines of communication, listening to your needs, and going that extra step.

Web Design & Strategic Online Presence

To stand out from your competition in Burnaby your website needs to be clean, professional looking, fast to load, and viewable on both desktop and mobile devices.

Snaptech has experience in creating visually stunning websites that will not only look slick and amazing but convert your site visitors into new customers.

Whether you require a website for your sole proprietorship or need a new look for the face of your store franchise, Snaptech can help. If you are seeking to refresh your brand at the same time, we can help with that too.

A website should be one of your top performing assets for your business. Let Snaptech create your next generation website that shows up in local search results and makes it easy for people to see the value in your products and services.
We have the experience and the testimonials to prove ourselves. Let’s work together.

SEO Services in Burnaby

At Snaptech, we specialize in elevating your online presence with our Burnaby-based SEO team. With over two decades of expertise, we’re not just another digital marketing agency; we’re your local SEO Burnaby champions. Our strategies are tailored to connect local businesses with the Burnaby community, ensuring you’re visible to the right audience.

Our approach to SEO in Burnaby involves everything from keyword optimization to advanced technical SEO to backlink acquisition. We constantly adapt to Google’s (and other search engines) latest algorithms, ensuring your business stays ahead in the digital realm. Whether it’s refining your Google Business Profile or crafting compelling content, our goal is to boost your visibility for key search terms related to your business, products, or services.

Let our Burnaby-based digital marketing agency bring the right audience to your digital front door.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Services in Burnaby

Snaptech, your go-to premier PPC agency in Burnaby, offers expertly tailored paid advertising campaigns from Google Ads to Facebook/Instagram to LinkedIn and everything in between. Our approach is designed to swiftly connect you with the right audiences in Burnaby and beyond, who are actively seeking your products or services.

With us, your business can become a hub for interested customers in Burnaby that are engaging with your site, and inquiring about your products or services. Our strategy isn’t just about spending on Google or Facebook—it’s about smart investments that bring real results and growth.

We prioritize clear, consistent communication, providing regular updates and comprehensive monthly reports. Trust Snaptech for exceptional media buying and PPC campaigns in Burnaby, and watch as we transform your online presence, attracting new leads and customers.

Social Media Management Services in Burnaby

Our social media management services in Burnaby target citizens who use social media while waiting for buses, or standing in line at a store along Hastings Street, or waiting for the movie to begin at Metrotown. We know what compels them to follow a business.

Burnaby social media users want to be entertained and informed. They will only give your business their time and attention when you have compelling social media content. Making the odd Instagram reel or posting your hours won’t cut it; you need to grab the audience’s attention.

Let Snaptech build a sophisticated social media strategy that gets you results that will grow your business. We want to put the spotlight on your business and make you the Burnaby store that gets viral with their content, that gets news stories in the Burnaby Now paper.

Drive more people to your store or services with a smart social media strategy from Snaptech.

Analytics, Reporting & Data Storytelling

To continually refine your marketing efforts, your business must not only access meaningful data but also deeply understand the insights it provides

A results-focused digital marketing agency should provide detailed analytics, highlighting website traffic, conversion rates, and customer behaviour. This approach ensures you can make data-informed decisions for more effective marketing campaigns

Drawing on our experience with clients from Burnaby to Metro Vancouver to across the country, Snaptech is an expert at deciphering your data’s story. We apply our expertise to craft marketing strategies tailored to your brand and objectives, spotlighting any growth opportunities, tackling challenges, and delivering pivotal insights for enhancing your business growth and success. Our proficiency in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and other reporting platforms ensures our reports are both clear and insightful.

Brand & Voice Development

If you’re looking to improve your online presence, why not choose a digital marketing agency that understands the Burnaby and Greater Vancouver audience.

Snaptech isn’t just another marketing agency that wants to roll out a soulless website without identity. We want to either build on the brand research and identity that you’ve invested money and attention to or to help create a brand that stands out to local residents.

If you have a long-standing business in Burnaby, let’s lean into that and modernize your logo to look fresh while retaining your identity, while optimizing your pages for local searches in Burnaby, and providing a more pleasurable experience on your social media or website.

Branding strategy requires creativity and Snaptech offers Burnaby businesses an advantage: we live and work in Burnaby ourselves, and this is the home of our marketing agency in Burnaby.


“[Snaptech] helps businesses access the benefits of analytics to get results from all of their online marketing budget, not just 50% of it.”

– Business in Vancouver

The Digital Partner Your Business Is Looking For

Let’s meet in person to discuss the ways we can use digital marketing to improve your results. Contact Snaptech today!

Let’s Chat About Your Business Goals

Digital Marketing Examples for Burnaby-based Businesses

Marketing for Businesses in West Vancouver


Burnaby has hundreds of local small businesses that could potentially reach a wider audience. From the wedding stores on Hastings Street to the shops along Burnaby Heights, let Snaptech help you expand your customer base. We’ll come up with an affordable strategy that finds and connects your products with people looking for them.

Restaurant & Café

Over 250,000 people call Burnaby their home. These hungry folk are looking for local food establishments that stand out from the rest. We can make your eatery shine and sparkle with a strong online website, social media presence, and awareness campaign. Let us make your incoming order notification bell go crazy.

B2C Services

Plumbers, roofers, handyman repairs, doggy day care centres, painters, and the many other community-based service providers in Burnaby neighbourhoods need a partner like Snaptech. We’ll improve your current digital strategy and amplify it to better reach your key audience in Burnaby Heights, around the homes in Suncrest, the neighbourhood of Parkcrest, or close by.

B2B Services

Reach the decision makers directly at their desks (or smartphones) when they are searching for you. With local proximity targeting and effective marketing of your benefits, Snaptech plugs your services or products right in front of the eyes of your business audience. Our strategies are designed for growth and long-term relationships with your customers.

Car Dealerships

It wouldn’t be a busy neighbourhood without the local car dealerships surrounding Metrotown, Middlegate, Big Bend, and Brentwood. Dealers need to drive a steady stream of prospects onto their lot. Snaptech can make a tailored social media strategy, a local SEO plan, or paid advertising campaigns to boost your existing marketing efforts. We’re only a phone call or email away from beginning a partnership.

HVAC Supply & Installation

Homeowners in Burnaby need reliable, well-reviewed professionals to install, repair and maintain their heating and air conditioning units. So do the business owners that set up shop in Burnaby. Get your HVAC business to stand out online with the help of Snaptech. We’ll come up with a strategy for short and long-term lead flow success.

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