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Snaptech is a North American digital marketing and advertising agency. We specialize in performance-marketing campaigns built on data, advanced targeting, and creative execution.

Snaptech Marketing

The Snaptech Marketing Story

It’s a long and gripping road that brought us to where we stand. After over -years of perpetual evolution, the digital marketing industry has spoken to us – “never stop innovating.” With roots as a digital technology firm, Snaptech’s story began with the invention of cutting-edge website solutions as digital marketing applications. The next chapter involved putting those tools to work for brands trying to gain an edge in the digital space. Continuing on this foundation of data and technology, Snaptech Marketing has grown into an industry-leading digital agency specializing in performance marketing and data-forward solutions. We are a Premier Google Partner, and a proud member of the Google Partners Advisory Council.

Our toolbox has expanded. Our playground has grown. Our team has sharpened. Moving into the future, we are always ready for the next chapter.

How We Think

Much of the digital-space is shrouded in mystery. Where do target-users congregate? How do they consume content? What offers speak to them? How can they be nurtured along their path-to-purchase? These are the questions that we get out of bed to solve each morning. The best part, we actually find the answers.

We are obsessed with understanding our customer’s unique needs. Every digital action we take is built around a goal-based framework that we create with our clients. Marketing and advertising as a bridge to the growth of your brand.

In-house, we value integrity. Our mantra is consistent. Hire on character. Work with pride. Offer what’s best and deliver what’s promised. Be happy, hungry, honest, and humble. These “Four H’s” are etched into our psyche. It’s just how we think.

Flavio Marquez
Snaptech Marketing

Meet Our Founder

It all started with a vision In 2002, a programming-futurist had big ideas for digital marketing. From that moment, Flavio Marquez has achieved more than he ever expected – with help from his growing family of digital marketers and a close relationship with Google.

With his keen focus on the evolving nature of digital marketing and its relationship with technology, Flavio has become a recognized leader in understanding user behavior online and then creating effective strategies for Digital Marketing and Advertising.

Nilo Santiago
Senior Graphic Designer
Stephanie Casanova
Head of Employee Growth & Development
Doug Clegg
Web Analytics Specialist
Brian Buckley
Business Analyst
Anthony Mckave
SEO Specialist
Hailey LeBlanc
Digital Marketing Specialist
Nancy Lu Lay
Web Developer