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How to Achieve Predictive Student Enrollment with Digital Attribution

Learn why digital marketing, analytics, and attribution is the key to generating predictive student enrollment and explore tactics as to how this should be used at your educational institute.

Watch the webinar now, and you will learn to:

  1. Name the essential requirements for predictive enrollment.
  2. Identify your target student’s journey-to-enrollment.
  3. Understand various marketing attribution models used in the education industry.
  4. Track your high-impact marketing channels.
  5. Effectively analyze your students’ website engagement.
  6. Identify the different roles that marketing tactics play in the journey-to-enrollment.

How to Achieve Predictive Student Enrollment with Digital Attribution was a live webinar hosted by the digital experts at Google and Snaptech Marketing on July 18th, 2018. With years working in the education marketing field, the webinar team was able to deliver imperative information that will be used to shape digital strategies by institutions such as yours. If you are on the road to achieving predictive student enrollment, we guarantee you will find useful and actionable information in the webinar video.

Watch The Webinar

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