So What's a Canadian Digital Marketing Agency All About?

Posted by Snaptech Marketing on 01/04/2012

Just as the famed naturalist Charles Darwin wrote about, evolution is the natural progression of an animal species over different generations. What Darwin didn't mention in his scientific theory is that, like living creatures, companies and industries also evolve over time.

The website design industry isn't an exception to change. Since Tim Berniers-Lee created the very first webpage back in 1990, the technology behind building websites has continued to change. Web designers have learned a tremendous amount since the Internet took off in the mid-1990s, through the evolution of websites that used Flash, Web 2.0 principles, cascading style sheets (CSS), to today's growing use by mobile devices and social media networking.

In short, a website built in 2012 looks a lot different than one constructed in 1995. And the companies that are on the forefront of website design and Internet marketing are also changing to adapt to the times.

The Rise of Digital Marketing Agencies

It used to be that, when you wanted a website made for your company, you looked for a web design company. Once you had your site built, you may or may not have investigated using online marketing, or web analytics, or social networking marketing, or any other forms of Internet marketing buzzwords that you've been hearing about.

But as websites and online marketing became more mainstream, the need for offering deeper skill specialization began to happen. That's why today you see companies that only offer one segment of online marketing, like a social media marketing agency or a search engine optimization company. But while these companies can offer depth for the online marketing field they service, they might also not be proficient in thinking about the big picture for your company's online presence. Hiring a crack SEO team to optimize your website to get on the first page of Google is great, but their job isn't to worry about how you can convert more visitors into new customers, or making certain that your online marketing message syncs up perfectly with your real world marketing message.

That's where a digital marketing agency comes into the picture.

Digital Marketing Agencies: Thinking of Your Big Picture

Snaptech has evolved from being more than a web design company serving customers in Vancouver. We have clients now from different parts of Canada, and a few based in the United States (like HRMS Consulting.) As well, more and more of our clients are seeing the benefits that come from having a content strategy and adding new content regularly to their website, whether it's in the form of blogging or adding more key marketing pages. We have a dedicated SEO division that works closely with our copywriting division to ensure that the copy that appears on your site serves both the people coming to your site as well as the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. And it's like that for our design department, our social media team, our user experience/page optimization department and our marketing team members.

A digital marketing agency thinks of your brand and customers as they live in the 21st century. We think about how to bring you more targeted customers using QR codes, viral videos, paid ad management, white papers, mobile apps, interactive videos, social media engagement strategies and more. All of these marketing efforts make up the grand vision of your digital marketing strategy. Some of our clients only target customers in Canada while others target both Canada and the United States. Some are even seeking global customers, which makes sense too since the 'net is all about uniting people from different corners of the globe.

Sometimes a client already has a traditional marketing department. In that case our team works closely with the client's marketing team to make sure that the traditional real world marketing message gets effectively translated onto the company's website and online marketing. In other instances the company relies on Snaptech to come up with all of the creative marketing, and it's used for both online and real world marketing purposes.

Working With a Digital Marketing Agency

When we get feedback from a client about what it's like to work with Snaptech as a digital marketing agency, we're often told that they think of us as a part of their team. Aside from making the client happy with their marketing results, that's the best feedback we can get.

Working at a digital marketing agency is different than working at a traditional marketing company. Whereas you would work on the marketing campaign for a company and then have to let it go once it's ready for exposure to the public, since our work is done online we are constantly gathering data and can make adjustments to the marketing, thus improving results. It can be an ongoing process, and our work has brought down the cost of many companies' marketing while providing a much greater return on investment. And we have the case studies to show it!

I know that this blog post is beginning to sound too much like a sales call but since I'm a part of the Snaptech team and the Senior Copywriter for the company, I see how the team comes together to produce a sum greater than all our individual parts. Digital marketing agencies are the natural evolution of web design companies and it's an exciting time to be a part of this shift in online marketing.

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