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Video is More than Just Effective, It's Expected

Gone are the days of video advertising being an exclusive tactic for big business. As television is replaced by YouTube, a new world of marketing enters the homes and hands of potential customers across the globe – and they’re looking to share what they find.
A preferred form of online content, video has the power to reconceptualise the way your business is viewed online. More importantly, video can be put to work for the purpose of converting potential clients into sales. From targeted campaigns to viral productions, there’s a strategy that’s right for your business. We’re here to make it happen.

Video Strategy and Execution Built For Your Audience

Snaptech creates highly engaging videos that connect on an emotional level with your customers. These videos are professionally produced with music, lighting, editing and graphics. Always thinking in terms of ROI, we work with you to identify video strategies that produce results for your business while staying within your budget.

Once your video is produced, let our team deliver highly targeted traffic. YouTube’s TrueView advertising allows us to zero in on the people looking for your company’s subject matter. By targeting demographics, geolocation, and online behaviour, we ensure your video is seen by the best audience for your business.

Snaptech Marketing

Snaptech’s Approach to Video Marketing

  • High-quality custom videos produced to augment your business goals
  • Advanced user targeting based on location and audience
  • Film and animation production options
  • Creative, informational, and emotionally engaging approach to your subject matter
  • Deep knowledge of B2B and B2C video marketing tactics