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Search advertising may be fundamental, but it is far from elementary. It is where the battle is won or lost. Winning PPC strategies require care, innovation, and experience. We treat your ad budget as if it were our own. With astute data analysis, we reduce wasted clicks and grow out the good stuff – highly-converting web traffic.

The Search Ads Landscape

Paid search campaigns continue to advance with creative ways to capture digital real estate. Snaptech retains a competitive edge over the competition by utilizing niche search strategies and exclusive beta features available only to Google Partners. Examples include employing search remarketing ads (RLSA) for prolonged user funnels or Google Maps ads for local-mobile queries. Strategic ad extensions like price extensions or structured snippets can make a high impact. In other cases, search campaigns require complimentary content and CRO strategies to gain an edge. Snaptech takes extra time at onset to tailor your search marketing strategy to match your business goals.

Here are some common search ad platforms we utilize with our clients:

Google AdWords Search
Local Search Ads on Google Maps
Google Shopping Ads
Bing Ads
Yahoo! Advertising
Snaptech Marketing

Follow Snaptech’s Proven Process

Ask any successful online business and they’ll tell you that quality digital real estate is indispensable to profit. So how do you get it? The same way you get everything else in business: money, time, knowledge, and skill. Each of these four pillars is essential to the search ad campaign process. The first one is your investment. The next three are our offering. Here’s a step-by-step look at our most common process.

  1. Digital Assessment: Business analysis and recommendations based on web analytics data and industry benchmarks.
  2. Campaign Kick-off Meeting: An initial meeting to establish marketing strategy, campaign goals, client communication, Q&A, and administrative tasks.
  3. Analytics Optimization: A full audit and implementation of all required analytics tracking, often including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Call Tracking, and platform conversion tags.
  4. Campaign Setup Phase: A project devoted to establish campaign structure, research, design, creative, and platform setup.
  5. Campaign Launch: The wonderful moment when your campaigns go live.
  6. Campaign Management: Data analysis and ongoing campaign modification to ensure steady improvements and required restructuring.
  7. Reporting & Insights: Communication between your team and ours to determine future actions.
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