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The Future of Ad Buying

Where traditional advertising has always focused on showing certain scripted ads, at certain times, to a group of individuals deemed your target market, Programmatic Advertising takes this one step further. By focusing on a specific time to show a specific person a specific message, Programmatic Advertising is positioned to help companies like yours maximize their marketing ROI.

Forget the Funnel

Marketing is a journey. Every single one of your customers took a different path to reach your business. What is the best thing you can do to reach them? Meet them wherever they are.

The Issue with Traditional Digital Advertising

Not all potential customers are in the proper mindset to receive an advertisement every minute of every day. Do you remember that ad about the truck in the desert that you saw during the last Superbowl? Don’t worry, we don’t remember either.

Your brand has multiple services, products, and unique selling points that help you stand out from the competition.  Not all of these will fit every moment. After all, if an ad for a truck is going to show during the Superbowl, a tailgate is likely more appropriate than a desert.

Meet Jane: She researches trucks to purchase on the bus to work. Meet Allan: He checks out trucks in the evening at home. Meet Dave: He often reads blogs about new trucks. Should all of these people be treated as the same because they have an online interest in trucks? Not at all.

Snaptech Marketing

Introducing Programmatic Advertising

Digital advertising which uses real-time data to purchase ad space by the single impression: Matching the perfect message to the perfect person in the perfect moment.

Real-Time Ads: Because Life Changes in an Instant

Programmatic Advertising uses data in this very moment to adjust where, when, and to whom your ads serve. This is done by analyzing factors such as demographics, online behavior, current device, geotargeting, time, proven interests, and the weather to implement changes in delivery across your digital display, video, social and mobile advertising.

What’s the Result?

Snaptech’s use of leading Programmatic Advertising platforms and techniques will help achieve your business’s revenue, branding and ROI goals.

A Specific Moment

+ A Specific Message

+ A Specific Person

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