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Where They Were

Back in 2009, Vancouver Gas Fireplaces knew that a change in web strategy could lead to huge returns for their business. They were in the market for a digital partner who could help them both design a new website and provide them with tailored digital marketing services. Having operated in the digital space for years, they knew that they needed an agency who would take a unique approach to advertising their business.

“The one thing about Snaptech that differentiated themselves right from the get-go was the true interest in Vancouver Gas Fireplaces as a company, and really wanting to see Vancouver Gas Fireplaces succeed.” – Jennifer DeTracey, Marketing Consultant

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Increase in Leads from Paid Ads
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Improved Cost Per Lead
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Increase in Organic Traffic

Where They Are Now

After having worked with Snaptech for nearly a decade, Vancouver Gas Fireplaces has seen incredible returns on their investment in more ways than expected. The business has seen constant improvement in their web design, user engagement, search engine rankings, sales and cost efficiencies year-over-year.

“You really need to be with a company that’s leading edge, like Snaptech, in order to achieve [your] goals.” Said Jennifer, “Snaptech is a partner in business helping Vancouver Gas Fireplaces get the best return on their investment, and that’s been critical to our success.”

What Was Missing?

With over 400 products offered, we took great care in crafting a web design strategy that could accommodate both current and future fireplaces, while still being easily navigable by users. To make management and upload of new offerings easier, we worked with Vancouver Gas Fireplaces to code a database that could accommodate all of their product and resource pages.

To ensure that the website displayed in the search results for a variety of possible terms users could search with, we put together an ongoing SEO strategy that would outperform competitors. Above and beyond the SEO, our team designed digital marketing campaigns aimed at generating as many sales qualified leads for the business as possible, within a profitable level of spend.

Responsive Web Design

Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Advertising

Google Display Advertising

Google Remarketing

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