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Where They Were

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) understood the power of digital, but knew that they needed an agency to help them design campaigns that could achieve all of their goals. VCH was looking to create digital efforts that could support their brand awareness and reputation, while also assisting in their recruitment targets.

The organization had the campaign goal of sourcing operating room nurses to fill a variety of positions in hospitals across British Columbia. In doing so, VCH also wanted to affirm their status to the wider public as a top employer for healthcare professionals.

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Where They Are Now

VCH’s campaign efforts have left their organization with not just new quality nursing applicants and heightened brand awareness, but also a deeper understanding of their own data and analytics. The organization leveraged precisely targeted digital advertising to pinpoint individuals who would be suitable candidates for nursing employment in BC. Through other campaigns that were optimized for impressions, VCH was able to reach a high volume of users who are now more informed about the organization’s contribution to the community. Additionally, through platform and landing page testing, VCH gathered significant data that has allowed them better understand how they can use digital assets in the future.

What Was Missing?

Before designing campaigns to achieve VCH’s goal, our team worked with VCH to ensure that the web assets they have are able to accurately measure results. We enabled cross-domain tracking, which allowed our teams to better collect user data across VCH’s different platforms, providing valuable insights in regards to how users engage with the website and who our campaigns should target.

Using this data, our team designed two unique landing pages for the campaigns. Over the course of 4 months, we tested different digital marketing strategies and constantly improved performance. This included advertisements with a variety of messages, imagery, placements, targeting and delivery, all the while evaluating which led to higher branding and lead generation output. The result? VCH became well equipped with the strategies and data that they needed to reach their targets.

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