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Where They Were

Simon Fraser University Meeting, Events and Conferences Services (SFU MECs) is continually looking to book as many of their rental spaces as possible. In late 2014, SFU MECs set lofty targets for the coming months that would require exploring new ways to bring in customers.

SFU MEC’s began discussion with potential digital partners to see if internet marketing could provide a solution for attracting new bookings. Being able to track the performance of the campaigns in terms of the number of leads and conversion rate from click to lead to customer were critical pieces of the puzzle.

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Increase in Leads from Ads
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Decrease in the Cost per Lead
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Increase in Overall Web Traffic

Where They Are Now

With the help of Snaptech, SFU MEC’s has been able to see a direct lift in the number of bookings coming through their system. The organization adapted to the digital era, and was able to leverage online platforms to their advantage.

After testing different landing pages and marketing campaigns, our teams have learned some key insights which have allowed us to improve campaign return on investment. SFU MECs continues to strive for increased booking rates, and is now on track to achieve their ever-growing goals.

What Was Missing?

When we were first approached by SFU MECs, we took the time to analyze their situation and put together an individually tailored, three-phase strategy to achieve their objective of generating more venue booking leads. Our first step was to perform a comprehensive website and data audit, establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) and optimize their assets digital tracking. These preliminary steps provided both of our teams with the necessary tools to analyze and measure performance.

The second phase in our plan was to help SFU MECs optimize their website, to improve the rate at which visitors completed booking forms. We designed new landing pages that tested a variety of factors, and found that basing information primarily on the type of venue and its capacity improved conversion rates. Lastly, our team put together a pay-per-click advertising strategy to drive new leads. These advertisements serve in the search results when potential customers are looking for meeting or event spaces in the area, funnelling valuable traffic into the website.

Digital Analytics

Landing Page Optimization

Data Storytelling

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Advanced Call Tracking

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