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10 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency



You are ready to take the next steps needed to grow your business, but is your marketing team ready to implement everything that is required to exceed your targets? Before deciding to assign projects internally or look for a new employee, explore whether a partnership with an outside agency may be the right fit for you.

1: Focus on Running Your Company First

As a business executive, your role likely stretches far outside of business strategy. You’re likely also a part-time financials expert, part-time HR manager/team parent, part-time bookkeeper, part-time marketing consultant, and full-time stressed out of your mind. While most elements of your supply chain are best managed in-house, marketing is nearly always one of the easiest business functions to partially or entirely outsource.

2: Access a Team of Business Consultants

Before discussing any other advantages of an hiring agency, let’s talk about your business. You make decisions everyday which will have a substantial impact on your results and future trajectory. Digital agencies have seen and worked with it all, and can often provide valuable insights from their experience to help you make more informed choices.

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3: Reduce Labor Expenses

Are you thinking about hiring your first marketing manager or an additional member to your developed marketing team? It is crucial to consider the impact of a hire. More often than not, your business falls into one of the two following categories, which can be solved with the help of a marketing agency:

  1. You need a new marketing team member who can do a little bit of everything, but cannot afford to hire someone who is an expert in all of the areas you need.
  2. You need marketing insight or management in a specific area that doesn’t yet justify a full-time hire, and cannot find someone to work part-time.

4: Breadth of Knowledge & Expertise

Your business’s online efforts cannot be siloed into one specific channel. In today’s market, your company will need a mix of web development, design work, organic rankings and paid advertising to effectively reach your target market. In hiring a digital agency, you unlock the knowledge of a diverse team of experts who can cater to your specific needs.

5: Room to Be Dynamic

Sometimes, your business knows exactly what it needs in the moment. For example, you know that to grow a larger brand following you should investigate Facebook advertising. But, what if tomorrow the best marketing channel is through targeted email campaigns? And, what if you need to work on search engine optimization the day after that?  In working with a digital agency, you get more than just a team of diversified experts, but also get the flexibility to change strategies in the moment when your business changes direction.

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6: Scalability 

While the expert team and flexibility of service from a digital marketing agency are likely clear advantages, another often missed advantage is the control you have over the scale of your service. Growing rapidly and want to double your marketing presence next month? Done. Receiving more leads than you can service and want to decrease advertising for the rest of the quarter? Done. Unlike an internal hire, the amount of time you need from your digital agency can be reflected in the degree to which you utilize them in any given month.

7: Accountability

Who on your team is responsible for sending out follow-up emails to customers? Who is responsible for reporting marketing results? Who is responsible for overall campaign performance? When done internally, it can often be difficult to hold specific team members accountable for unforeseen or shared duties. An agency can help you avoid the diffusion of responsibility, knowing exactly what they are and are not accountable for.

8: Reaching Deadlines

How many times have you pushed back marketing efforts because of a more pressing internal emergency? Odds are that the roadblocks that are holding you back from focusing on your corporate marketing efforts will continue to stand. And, once you conquer them, new ones will arise. Hiring a digital agency ensures that marketing is always at the forefront of your business, and that a fire in one of your business departments doesn’t lead to neglect in another.

9: Measurable Results

More often than not, the results of a marketing campaign are less than exact. You know that your phone rang, but you don’t know if it was your Facebook page, newspaper ad or Google My Business listing that led them to dial your number. Because marketing agencies are held accountable for the specific results that can be attributed to their campaigns, you can be more certain as to which of your marketing channels are actually generating results.

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10: Constant Improvement

When marketing efforts are neglected or pushed to the side, results often decline and campaigns become stale. With a team of experts focused on how the campaigns can be leveraged to foster business growth, you can ensure that you are receiving the optimal return-on-investment from your ad spend at any given time.

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