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New AdWords Experience: Not Just a Pretty Face

It’s been 8 years since Google last redesigned the AdWords interface, so it’s time for a fresh new look. Not only will this new interface improve user experience, but it will also introduce new features that will help improve campaign performance. We understand that change can be daunting, but these new features will help you better understand your data, give you greater control of your campaigns, and access more data to help with account optimizations. If you’re just starting to explore the new interface or want the inside scoop on what to expect, here are a few features we’re excited to start using.

More Data for Account Optimization

Data regarding your landing pages is available on Analytics and heat maps, but AdWords is now giving you data on your landing page performance as well. Combined with data from other sources, you will be fully equipped to improve content and user experience and ultimately optimize the page for conversions.

Did you exclude a word because it was triggering search terms that weren’t cost-efficient? What If you knew that combining that word with another would improve performance? On the new interface, you’ll have access to the n-grams data, which essentially isolates individual words within a search query and provides data on its performance. This data will guide your next moves regarding account expansion or keyword exclusions. As a data driven company, we’re excited to be able to access more data to guide our next decisions.

Added Targeting for Greater Control Over Your Campaigns

Age, gender, and parental status are great, but having even more targeting options is better. With the new interface, you are now able to target users based on their household income. This is available in the demographics tab of any search campaign. If household income plays a key factor in a user’s interest for your product of service, then this is definitely something you should explore. Household income targeting is beneficial for high ticket or price sensitive items, where your offerings appeal to a particular group over others.

In-market segments target users whose search and web browsing activities indicate that they are ready to make a purchase. You would be able to target people looking for a home, flights, hotels, cars, financial services, and so many other items. Previously, this was only available for display and video campaigns. However, we’re happy to hear that this feature will be available for search campaigns later this year. This targeting ability in search would help you reach people who are further into the buying funnel and have a greater interest in buying or getting in touch with you. If used effectively, using this feature can help you acquire more leads and sales.

Visual Reports to Better Understand Data

The New AdWords Experience presents data in a visual way that will help you better understand how two metrics work together, identify opportunities for adjustments and optimizations, and help you make better business decisions. Analysis and reporting will be made easy with filters that allow you to see the data you want.

“We are living in an increasingly data driven world. Over 2.5 billion gigabytes of data iscreated every single day and this number is only going to increase. With so much data available, finding ways to easily digest this to draw actionable insights that boost marketing performance is an essential part of a marketer’s job. We’re looking forward to working with the new AdWords data visualization reports so we can continue pushing the boundaries of data driven marketing and increase results for our clients”

Coralie Wood – Account Director, Digital Marketing Services

Get Ahead of Your Competitors

As a Premier Google Partner, we are at the top of the list to see the fresh look and try the new features before other users do. Our clients have already benefited from this exclusive access and you can too. That’s one of the perks of working with an agency that is recognized by Google. Why wait until the end of the year to see the new interface when you can get started now? Get ahead of your competitors and start exploring the new AdWords Experience today. Contact us to get started!